My Go To Make-up Look

Friday, 31 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

When I was in high school I was never really into make-up and it took me a long time before I actually took an interest. I think I was about 16/17 and in college when I started trying it out and then of course when I started to go to a lot more parties and things I used to mess around with different looks. Then come to now that I am blogging I am very much addicted to make-up and trying new things all the time.

I think I have never really worn it much as my Mum has always been about us loving how we look and not necessarily needing make-up all the time. I definitely stick to that and rarely wear it but when I do wear it this is usually what I wear, it does change depending on weather and what look I am trying.

First I always put on a primer, the primer I use is the Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer (£5) This has an oily consistency to it but is the perfect base to put foundation onto or to wear alone. I then put on the Pro-Base Argan Plush Concealer (£3) in Natural under my eyes and on any spots or marks I may have. Then I go onto use the Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation (£2) also in Natural. This is a great foundation and I definitely don't get any shine from it, but I do think I need a lighter shade as sometimes it looks a bit dark on me. I then finish off with Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder (£2.30) to set my foundation, I always worry powder makes it look cakey but it actually looks really good and not cakey at all.

I then highlight with the Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder (£3) in Iridescant Gold. I usually put this down the bridge of my nose and on my cheeks. Then I put on the Make-Up Academy Bronzer (£1) in Shade 3 either side of my nose, my cheekbones and temples.

For my eyes I use all Avon Cosmetics make-up which I can not seem to find the links for. I use the Professional Multi-Pencil on my eyelids, Avon doesn't actually sell this anymore. Then I use the Colortrend Pencil Eyeliner in Black on my bottom and top waterline. Once I have done that I then finish off with the Supershock Mascara in Black on my top lashes as I never put mascara on my bottom ones.

I also don't have the links to these either as the Lip Crayon came as part of a gift set and the Lipstick is from Avon. I have recently started putting a paler colour on underneath as it makes the Red stand out a lot more. So yeah, I put the pale pink onto my lips first and then add the Ruby Red lipstick on top, it takes me a few tries as sometimes it bleeds and sometimes it doesn't, just all depends on the day.

And that's it!! As you can see it doesn't look to over the top, it actually looks quite natural, I think. Of course the red lip gives it that pop of colour which I am obsessed with. This is the look I tend to go with 8/10 times to be honest as I usually don't have the time to try something different.

Do you have a go to look? Do you have any products you'd recommend?

See You Soon!!