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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

As you know it was our 2nd Anniversary on Monday and last year we had a big family BBQ so this year we wanted to do something just the two of us. We wasn't sure if we were going to go anywhere as I wasn't feeling to well in the morning.

I was fine though and we ended up going out for dinner and to the cinema to watch Spy. We were going to go to Cardiff Bay but decided to stay local and try somewhere that I'd never been to, Llewellyn has been there before but not for a long time.

We decided on the Harvester in Newport Retail Park as it is situated right by the cinema, which is handy if you are going for food before or after the film. It's not a huge building but it is a nice size, I love the inside as it feels quite home-y and has a really great atmosphere. If it is sunny you can also sit outside but it rained a little so we couldn't do that.

I didn't take photos of the menu or interior as it was quite busy and I didn't have a camera on me just my phone. You can see here what is on the menu though.

It took me a while what to have for food as I didn't know what to eat and when I decided our Waiter, Tom, was such a help.

As you can see I went for Chargrilled Chicken with Rice, Peas & Chilli, Ginger & Spring Onion sauce. The sauce was Toms' recommendation and I'm glad he did as it was gorgeous, I'm not one for trying new things I can be quite fussy but it was delicious. The whole meal was gorgeous, the chicken was just right, it wasn't to hard or chewy and I love rice and peas together. It was that nice I literally ate it all and I never usually eat all my food.

Of course we also had Cheesy Garlic Bread, I love it, especially with cheese.

Overall it is a gorgeous little restaurant and for what we had it wasn't badly priced either. I will definitely go again whether it be for breakfast or lunch next time. I will get better pictures next time as well.

Also if you would like to see what Llewellyn has let me know in the comments below as I usually only take pictures of my food.

Do you have a local Harvester that you enjoy?

Hope you enjoy todays post!!

See You Soon!!