Strategies I Use For Anxiety

Friday, 17 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

You may have seen 2 weeks ago that I wrote a post about my story with Anxiety. You can have a read of that post here if you like.

For today I thought I would share with you how I deal with it and what strategies I use.

So let's begin!

1. I usually ring Llewellyn as my first port of call as he is very good at calming me down and just talks me through my panic attack. I will take deep breaths and he will count me through them.

2. This may sound really strange but I will literally stand in front of the mirror and give myself a pep talk. I will talk myself through what I am about to do, I will tell myself that I will be fine and also take deep breaths.

3. I will take myself away from the situation, make myself a cup of tea and indulge in a book. This is because I am then concentrating on what I am reading rather than what it is that's making me anxious.

4. Run a hot bubble bath. I literally just relax, I put a face mask on, put some music on and escape. It feels nice just to be in my own little bubble in the bathroom and have 5 minutes to myself.

5. This is a last resort and is only if I feel like the Anxiety is completely taking over. I will go to the Drs and ask if she can put my anti-depressants back on prescription. To be honest this hasn't happened in a long time but does if I'm having an extreme 'flare up'.

I hope this helps with any ideas of how to possibly deal with an attack or if it just shows you an insight to how many of us deal with it. Everybody deals with it differently though and these are just the ways I do.

How do you deal with Anxiety?

See You Soon!!