InstaLately #12

Monday, 20 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

As you can see from above I have upped my Instagram game and it is now a lot softer and there is more of a theme going on now, which I am loving. This week has been a bit chilled out to be honest and we had a family BBQ on the weekend, which involved a lot of burgers and alcohol.

Cinema - I have been to the cinema a lot lately, I go maybe once or twice a month, and have seen some great films. Yesterday as you can see I went to see Magic Mike XXL with some family for Kellys' Birthday, it was awesome!! I would love me some Matt Bomer, sorry Llewellyn!

Beauty - I love how I am slowly getting back into some sort of routine with my skincare and also I have loved playing around with my make up the past few days.

Dressing Table - I might actually do a proper post on this when I have completely finished it, I need to organise the draw then it's done. I am in love with it especially now I have added some artificial flowers as it seems to bring the whole thing together and of course I love that its white.

How has your week been? What have you seen in the cinema recently?

Hope you enjoy todays post!!

See You Soon!!