Primark Haul

Friday, 10 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

I feel like all I do lately is shop, anyone else feel like that? I find Primark has been so good with clothes that I am finding so many new things to try!! I am also going to be starting the Gym so needed some stuff to wear that was appropriate.

Shall we dive in?

As I said above I am going to be going to the Gym to get fit and just generally be more healthy, so needed some proper Gym wear. I picked up a proper Sports top which also acts as a sports bra, I picked it up in grey with green trimming as I thought grey looked better for me. Also I got this in a size smaller than I normally would as I have to keep the 'girls' in somehow!! I also picked up gym leggings, they feel and look, wet look but fit perfectly and look really good on. I then also picked up a white vest top to wear on top of the sports bra for now, until I feel comfortable not wearing it. As you can see in the picture above, these were £4, £4 and £7.

  Next I picked up this denim shirt for £10. I have been looking for a decent looking shirt for ages and one that I liked the look of. This was perfect as it looks distressed and its not to dark. I liked the fact with this one that if you want to do it up, its poppers rather than buttons. I got this in a size 8 and it's still quite oversized.

Now I actually already own a jacket like this, but it is bright pink, as much as I love it I did want a generic coloured one. I didn't see this at first, it wasn't until I was towards the back of the store that I seen it. I like the colour of this as it will go with anything and I do prefer darker colours in my jackets than light ones. It is very light and will only hold up in a shower of rain rather than a downpour, the great thing as well is you can fold it up and put it in your bag. This was £9 and in a size small.

I know, it's Summer, why would I be buying a scarf you say? Well I was looking for one of these for god knows how long last year and couldn't find one. Then I found this one upstairs, although I did find it strange that they are selling scarves in Summer. This will be perfect for Autumn and going into Winter, this was £5.

I then picked up these aztec printed trainer socks as I don't actually own trainer socks and a pair of black leggings. You can't go wrong with a pair of black leggings as they are great to lounge around in. The leggings were £3 and the socks were £2.50.

Then of course me being me, couldn't leave without at least 2 pairs of shoes!! My name is Vikki and I am a shoeaohlic!! I already have a pair of the grey sandles but they are too big so seen they had a size 4 so picked them up. The material is suede and they come across your foot in an X shape to do up, these were £6. The ankle boots are a bit different to what I would normally wear as they are brown and not black, and have a bit of colour on them. I got these because I have the idea of pairing them with the leggings, denim shirt and a white top, also because they are different. These are a size 4 and were £15.

We also popped into B&M and I must say I love their homeware stuff, it's so cute and pretty. I picked up this little letter rack for £4.99 and it will be so much easier keeping each others mail separate. I also picked up these heart shape bowls, which were £1.99 each. These are just perfect for snacks, cereal and also for Instagram pictures ha ha.

That concludes what I bought on this shopping trip, I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Is there anything in particular you have been buying lately?

See You Soon!!