Baking A Star Cake :)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

How are you all? So as you can see I decided to bake a cake this week with one of my silicone moulds, which was the shape of a star :) I used the recipe from the Halloween cupcakes which you can go to HERE so here is how I did it :)

This is the bottom layer of the cake, then made another for the top layer.
This is just a normal strawberry jam with no bits that I used for the middle.
So this a view from the front & above

So after I done the sponges and put the jam in the middle, I waited for it to cool a bit more so that I could then put the icing on :)

For the icing I used ready to roll icing in Ivory but bought yellow food gel to turn the icing yellow. It didn't go bright yellow but went a nice lemon colour which looks lovely.

You can't really see in the middle picture as it is very bad lighting but the icing is ivory. So I put flour on the counter before rolling the icing out as it tends to stick to the counter, which can be annoying. I then rolled it out into a rectangle bigger than the cake and placed it over the sponge. I then used a pallet knife to smooth it out on the top and to get the icing to fit nicely on the points :) Then with the left over icing I used my number cutters to cut random numbers out but coloured that icing red but it went more of a tie dye pink :)

Then today I made little star cupcakes to put in between the points of the star and decorated them with chocolate icing which was in a spray can, like a whipped cream can. I used the same recipe as above and made some extra cupcakes to :)

So that completes my baking adventure :) Let me know what you think of this cake in the comments :) I will be making another cake in the next couple days which I think I'm going to do a bear this time :)

Hope You're All Having A Good Week!!! See You All Soon!!!

Outfit Of The Day: 18th Oct x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

I want to apologise that this blog post is a little bit late, the weekend was a rather busy and manic one!! All day Saturday I organised all my baking stuff so that I can start baking again, I had work on Sunday and my Mums' Birthday, and then yesterday I was in work as I had an extra shift. So today I have actually got some time to do this post, that you are currently reading :) Also I am baking a cake today which I will also do a post on :)

This outfit is what I wore to the cinema, as it was a trip for Mums' Birthday :) We had gone to see the new film Baggage Claim was so funny, I recommend it if you like RomComs :) Anyway I wanted to go casual yet fashionable and think I did a good job :) What Do You Think? Also with this outfit I was inspired by outfits I have seen on people and in magazines, etc.

Jumper:; Skirt: Not Sure; Tights: Primark; Shoes: Primark
The jumper is 3/4 length and lovely to wear with this skirt and also I think it would look rather nice with high waisted jeans, its also nice, warm and cosy :) Obviously then you have seen my skirt, tights and shoes in previous Outfit Of The Day posts :)

Hope You're All Having A Good Week!!! See You Soon!!! xxx

Planet Spa Turkish Thermal Baths Clay Facemask Review

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

I apologise for the long title the product has a very long name :) Anyway a couple of posts back I was going to do a review on the facemask I had bought and never got round to it, so yesterday (15/10) I thought I would have a nice, relaxing bath and use my facemask as I've been having a few stressful weeks as of lately :( I will also apologise in advance of the pictures of me as when I put it on I couldn't move my face so couldn't smile :( So anyway on to the review :)

So as you can see in the title it is part of the Turkish Thermal Baths range of Planet Spa which you get from Avon Cosmetics I think this was about £2/£3 and it comes in a 75ml squeezy tube :) It is a clay facemask so goes on 'wet' and dries hard so you have to wipe it off with a flannel or maybe an exfoliating glove to give yourself an extra treatment :)

All you have to do is apply a thin layer all over your face, obviously avoiding your mouth and eye areas, then leave it on for 5 minutes or wait until it all turns pink, as it goes on brown, then rinse off thoroughly and pat dry :) Putting on was easy I just squeezed a little bit onto my fingers and put it on in circular motions to get an even coverage. As I was putting on I couldn't quite put my finger on what it smelt like then after a minute or two it hit me, it smelt like chocolate and we all love chocolate :) So while waiting for it to dry pink which actually took longer than 5 minutes, or felt like longer, I carried on with my bath :) what was nice about this is that it didn't irritate my skin at all as I have quite sensitive skin so got to be careful as to what I use. Once it turned pink I then washed it all off which was easy enough to do because some I've used I've had to scrub really hard to get it off but this came off easily and patted it dry :) In the picture is the process of it going from brown to pink :)

I was very surprised at how soft my skin was after I used it, it also looked really hydrated and just plain healthy, which it hasn't looked this healthy in a while. I would maybe advise to possibly use a moisturiser after the face mask because even though my skin was so soft and hydrated it was as if there was no actual moisture, but this morning my skin still looks really good and still feels really soft :) In the picture I don't know whether you will be able to really tell, I should've taken a before picture but didn't think of that until I had put the mask on haha, but my skin does look really good. Also my flash went off so my face also looks really bright :)

So to conclude I will definitely be using this facemask again, especially if I'm going to be going out or just need to refresh my skin. I also would definitely recommend this to everyone but obviously only if it doesn't irritate your skin :)

Hope You're All Having A Good Week So Far!!! See You Soon!!!

Home Project :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So as you can tell from the title I have given myself a Home Project to complete next year :)

The room I am going to be doing is our bedroom, because as much as I love the red but it is starting to look dated and very dark and dingy now the winter is kicking in, so my idea is to decorate it and brighten it and try open up the space as it is only a small room.

My idea is that I'm going to have a feature wall which is going to be a blue, floral wallpaper which looks quite vintage :) This particular wallpaper you can get from HERE

Then I am going to paint the other three walls a Duck Egg Blue to match the wallpaper :) but first I will be wallpapering the walls with a white textured wallpaper so that it has a bit of a pattern to it, as I don't want it to be just plain. You can get the paint from HERE & the wallpaper from HERE

So then once all the walls are done and of course once I have glossed all the skirting boards & doors and also once I have painted the ceiling, I want to replace the pine furniture that we already have with white pine furniture. I'm either going to replace each piece individually or I will look at getting a bedroom set a bit like this one HERE and then last of all with the furniture I will replace our bed with either a white wooden bed or metal bed.

Then of course once all that is completed I will then get accessories like new bedding, bed throws, pillows, new curtains, etc. I'm going to look at getting little LED lights in white to go around the headboard of whatever bed we get which I think will set it off just right :)

So this is exactly why I have given myself a year to do it as I obviously need that magical thing called money to do it ha ha and also even though it is only a small room it is a big job to do, I will more than likely have help from my Mum and obviously Llewellyn will give me a hand with the places I can't reach as that's the disadvantage of being short.

I will take some pictures tomorrow of our bedroom now so you can see what its like now, I will apologise now as it isn't the best of decorating I must admit.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and if anyone has suggestions on where I can get different accessories, etc.

Hope You're All Having A Good Monday!!! See You Soon!!!


Hey Guys!!!

So I said I would put pictures up of my room at the moment and here they are :)

So obviously the top picture is the wallpaper at the moment and that will be the wall that I put the floral wallpaper on, so will be the feature wall. Then the next 3 pictures are the walls that will be papering with white wallpaper and painting Duck Egg Blue.

Hope You're All Having A Good Week So Far!!! See You Soon!!!

Outfit Of The Day: 12th Oct x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So in my previous post I showed you a glam outfit with my peplum top, so now I'm now going to show you it in a casual look :)

Cardigan: Peacocks; Top: George @ Asda; Jeggings: Peacocks
Today we were off to our town centre so wanted to wear something casual yet smart :) So I wore this grey, knit cardigan, it is actually supposed to be for men but I thought it looked really nice and got it for myself :) My top you seen in my previous post so it does smarten up this outfit. My jeggings I had for my birthday one year and are great for general wear and glam wear. This are denim and are lovely for the Autumn weather :)

Shoes: Studio
These shoes I bought for last Autumn/Winter as they are perfect for this weather as long as its not pouring with rain. These are suede with cotton cuffs, they may not be cotton but not 100% what material, they feel cotton though. These are wedged so give me a bit of height and they are really comfortable to wear :)

Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post and I will post another in the next few days :)

Hope You're Enjoying Your Weekend!!! See You Soon xx

Outfit Of The Day: 11th Oct x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So last night me and the husband went out with some of our friends for some food and drinks, so obviously it took me ages to choose an outfit, probably a week haha I wanted to wear something smart yet glam and this what I came up with :)

Blazer: Peacocks; Top: George @ Asda; Skirt: BooHoo; Tights: Tesco
I actually didn't buy anything new for this outfit!!! Oh wait yes I did, the tights as I didn't have black tights ha ha So my Blazer I had as an Easter present from Llewellyn about 2 years ago and absolutely love it. The lining of this Blazer is white with a thin, blue stripe, this particular one was from Peacocks. My top is peplum style and is great for general wear and occasion wear. This is from George @ Asda and was £8 so can't go wrong for that as it is quite thick anyway but is also lined. My skirt is a bodycon skirt and is such a lovely skirt to wear, I've also had this for a while. Then my tights are black, opaque and are glossy, I got these from Tesco as a pack of 3 and were only £3.50 :)

Shoes: Deichmann
My shoes I have had for a little while and are so comfortable. These were from Deichmann and were roughly £20 I think but not 100%. They are black, suede and have red bottoms to them and are lace ups.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and look forward to my next post :)

Hope You're Having A Good Weekend!!! See You Soon xx

Outfit Of The Day: 5th Oct x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So me and Llewellyn (my husband) went on a double date night with my Mum and Dad last night (posted this on the 6th) to see a band called All Else Fails that played all different types of rock music, like Guns and Roses, Bryan Adams, Foo Fighters and all different songs.

So this was my outfit that I wore :)

Checked Shirt: George @ Asda Top: Primark Leggings: Topshop
So I thought I would go for a casual yet glam look and also it looked a bit rocky. My checked shirt is from George @ Asda and is lovely and warm, also surprisingly it is quite thick :) My Guns N Roses top I got from Primark for my honeymoon and I absolutely love this top, I do wear it quite a lot. Then the leggings are wet look so they add a bit of glam to the outfit, now these were actually off a friend as she bought them but they were to small because of the way they were made as they are a bigger size to what I normally get :)

So my shoes are just normal black suede heels, the heel is approximately 4 inches and that is the normal height I usually go for. I got these from Primark for a night out a while ago, but I'm sure they were about £12 so can't go wrong for that. I apologise the angle of the photo isn't great :)
Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you like the outfit :)
Hope You're Having A Good Weekend!!! See You Soon xx

Halloween Cupcakes :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So for one of my weekly videos I do on YouTube, we decided to do Halloween Cupcakes & Halloween Cookies (The cookies are on my sisters blog) so I thought I would do a blog entry on it, to show you step by step how we done it. You can also check out the video HERE :) I do apologise that it is a long video but I hope you enjoy it :) Also check out the recipe that I used HERE :)
All Ingredients Were Purchased From Tesco

These Were The Decorations I Used
So I had gone shopping to Tesco in the week to get all the ingredients, what is not pictured is the milk as it is in the fridge, which we used semi-skimmed milk, as it doesn't specify which milk to use in the recipe.

So also I got these sweets to use to decorate them with and also got little rice paper decorations to put on them :)

So the first thing I did was put the Caster Sugar, Self-Raising Flour and Milk in the bowl and mixed it together and then measured out the butter added it to the mix and mixed that all together :)

Milk, Self-Raising Flour & Caster Sugar

So then I added 2 Free Range Eggs and mixed all that together to make the cake mix and then added Vanilla Extract :)

We then spooned the mix into the cupcake cases, we put to spoons into each and with the mix we managed to make 15 cupcakes :)

 So we baked the cupcakes in a Halogen Oven and they only took about 15 minutes maybe a little longer :)

So then while the cupcakes were cooling we made the buttercream icing, which the ingredients were Icing Sugar, Butter & Milk, then of course you put whatever colour food colouring in you want :)

So then once we'd made the icing we proceeded to decorate them with the sweets and rice paper :) We done 6 cupcakes with the rice paper, then done 3 each of a cat, spider and monster :)
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as its a bit different from what I have previously posted and also if you have made any or are going to make any Halloween cupcakes show me your pictures :)
Hope You're All Having A Good Weekend!!! See You Soon xx

Hairstyle: What To Have Done?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

Thought I would do a quick update :)

I have finally decided that I am going to have my hair cut because as much as I love my long hair, I feel it is way to long now and I could do with a refreshing new look.

I know I am cutting it just below my shoulders so at least I can still curl it and style it, but I don't really know whether to have some shaping to it or whether to have a nice side fringe cut in. The problem with me having a fringe is that I have a 'cows lick' which sticks out about an inch when I have a fringe so I'm undecided about that, plus that's why I grew my fringe out in the first place haha

Anyway there will be before and after pictures tomorrow once I have had it done :)

So I hope you are all having a good day :) See you tomorrow :)

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Hey guys just updating you with how I had my hair cut. So I had a lot of the length cut off, so its now just below my shoulders and I have had layers cut in as well. I must admit I love it as its still a decent length for me to style it and put it up in a pony for work :)

The picture isn't great but I will put a decent pic up when I get chance and also sorry to update late but I wanted to wash and straighten it so it looked nice in the pic :)

Picture taken on my iPod

What's In My Shower Bag?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

Hope you're all ok and enjoying your week so far :)

So I was sat here thinking what have I not seen yet, as we've seen What's In My Handbag? & What's In My Makeup Bag? tags but what about What's In My Shower Bag? So here we go, here is what is in my shower bag :)

So my shower bag I got because I needed a new shower bag for my honeymoon :) I seen this in Primark and fell in love with it as I loved the pattern and the colours, I also loved the size as I tend to use quite a lot of products when I'm away and just in general :) This particular one was £4 and I happen to have the matching makeup bag :) which you will see soon :)

So first off I just have my usual Eeyore flannel that I always use for holidays and have had it for years (don't worry it does get washed) so I'm not sure where its from. Then I have my contact lenses for when I want to wear them, which is not very often haha Of course I have my toothbrush holder which keeps it clean and doesn't get any lotions etc. on it. Then a must have which are my replacement razor blades for when they need replacing :)

Then I have my self tanning mitt which I actually haven't used yet as (touch wood) my tan hasn't faded yet, but I don't use self tan, like Fake Bake, I use tinted moisturiser. I got this from Primark and I think it was about £1, so a total bargain :) I then also have my exfoliating gloves which I use in the shower, bath and when moisturising :) I love using these as my skin always feels gorgeous afterwards and I always feel extra clean after using them :)

These are the products that I use regularly and also the products I love :) So I will go from left to right so you know what I'm talking about :) So I have Herbal Essences Shampoo as this is the only product I can use on my hair as for some reason nothing else seems to work or clean my hair properly, so I always use this now :) the smell is also gorgeous when using this, so I always have nice smelling hair :)

Then I have Ted Baker Body Fragrance spray which I use for a little spritz when I'm about to go out or sometimes I do take it with me to freshen up through the day, the smell is absolutely divine and is, I would say, a bit floral and summery, so its definitely a good spray to use in the summer :)

I then have hair removal cream from Avon Cosmetics which I use for the tops of my legs as the tops of my legs tend to be sensitive to a razor so it is better for me to use a hair removal cream :)

I then use my tinted moisturiser which is Dove Summer Glow for Fair to Medium Skin which is fantastic, as I used it for my Wedding to give me a bit of colour and after about 2 uses it went quite dark, so I definitely recommend this for winter if you want to have a bit of colour or if you want to keep your tan going from a holiday :) It is a bit expensive but I managed to find it when it was on offer in Boots at £2.49 and luckily I had some Boots points and used them. I actually only started using this as my friends sister recommended it, so its definitely a must have in my eyes :)

Then last but not least my shower gel :) I am currently using Palmolives Naturals in Pampering Touch which has Coconut and Moisturising Milk :) It smells absolutely gorgeous and is rather silky compared to other shower gels that I have used. It definitely does what it says on the tin with the moisturising aspect as my skin feels so soft afterwards especially as I use my exfoliating gloves to wash with :) I can't actually remember where I got this but I think I got it while it was on offer as I bought 4 of them haha

Well I hope you have enjoyed finding out What's In My Shower Bag? and I invite any of you that reads this blog to have a go and let me know so I can see your post :)

Hope you all have a great day and will see you all soon :)