Outfit Of The Day: 11th Oct x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So last night me and the husband went out with some of our friends for some food and drinks, so obviously it took me ages to choose an outfit, probably a week haha I wanted to wear something smart yet glam and this what I came up with :)

Blazer: Peacocks; Top: George @ Asda; Skirt: BooHoo; Tights: Tesco
I actually didn't buy anything new for this outfit!!! Oh wait yes I did, the tights as I didn't have black tights ha ha So my Blazer I had as an Easter present from Llewellyn about 2 years ago and absolutely love it. The lining of this Blazer is white with a thin, blue stripe, this particular one was from Peacocks. My top is peplum style and is great for general wear and occasion wear. This is from George @ Asda and was £8 so can't go wrong for that as it is quite thick anyway but is also lined. My skirt is a bodycon skirt and is such a lovely skirt to wear, I've also had this for a while. Then my tights are black, opaque and are glossy, I got these from Tesco as a pack of 3 and were only £3.50 :)

Shoes: Deichmann
My shoes I have had for a little while and are so comfortable. These were from Deichmann and were roughly £20 I think but not 100%. They are black, suede and have red bottoms to them and are lace ups.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and look forward to my next post :)

Hope You're Having A Good Weekend!!! See You Soon xx