Skincare Routine Updated

Friday, 28 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

Another skincare routine post from me!! I think I am constantly updating my routine but now I think I have finally found one that I can stick to for a long time. 

My morning routine is different to my night routine as I needed one for the morning that wasn't to long as I get up early for work. 

These are the only 2 products I use in the morning and is always the first thing I do before anything. I use a round cotton pad to apply the Micellar Water all over my face and neck, you can see my review on this HERE. Then I apply the moisturiser all over my face once the water has been absorbed by my skin. You can get both these items HERE and HERE.

In the night then I use 3 different products, which unfortunately I don't have any links to. The good thing about these is that they have the numbers on them so you know which order to use them in. First I use the Exfoliating Scrub all over my face and wash it off with lukewarm water. This has little blue 'beads' in them so you can feel your skin being exfoliated. Once I've patted dry my face I then go all over my face and neck with a Toner Pad and it always surprises me how much dirt there is even though I wash regularly. Then to finish off I use 2 pumps of the Serum all over my face to moisturise and to stop any break outs.

Also twice a week, on a Sunday and Wednesday, I put on this Mask of Magnaminty before I do any of my cleansing. This is the best mask I have used to date as I've used masks before and they have burnt my skin. It smells gorgeous and also you can feel it working on your skin, I can't really explain the feeling to be honest. I love it though, as my skin always looks and feels a lot healthier after using it.

That is my Skincare Routine, hopefully it won't change now as I have finally got my skin looking healthy. It also helps I drink a lot more water than I used to.

What is your favourite skincare product?

See You Soon!!

Planet Vikki Recommends: Maenllwyd Inn

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

I love food, and we have decided to try somewhere new every month if we can. Other than that I like writing posts on places I've been and who doesn't love reading about food?

This pub was actually recommended to Llewellyn by someone he works with and I'm so glad we went. It's about 20 minutes from where we live so it's relatively easy to get to, we live in Newport. It is situated in such a lovely place as the views were gorgeous and you can go on a little woodland walk as well.

The name of the pub is the Maenllwyd Inn and this was the food we had.

Isn't the plate gorgeous? I wanted to take it home. Anyway I had the Chicken, Pancetta and White Wine Pie and it was gorgeous. The pastry was so soft and the chicken was delicious. Llewellyn tried getting me to try the Leeks but I don't like them. Even Llewellyn tried a bit of the pie and he thought it was nice to. I didn't finish it though as it is quite filling.

Of course I couldn't not have a dessert and I chose to have the Millionaire's Cheesecake. It looks amazing doesn't it? I never used to like cheesecake but I tried it a while ago and found I liked it. It was so creamy and the ice cream was so nice. I definitely recommend this if you go.

This was Llewellyn's dessert of Vanilla & Mint Choc Chip ice cream and Mango Sorbet with a Mint Leaf on top. He really enjoyed it and I must say the Mango Sorbet was delicious.

The three pictures above is the way some of the pub is decorated, it seriously gave me such pinterest feels, gave me ideas for my home. We were sat in the conservatory part of the pub and it was so nice. It did get a bit warm in there and a wasp decided to fly around and drink my wine!! 

Now I will share with you pictures from our walk, there's not many as it was nice to just go for a walk. Also please ignore the way I stand in the outfit post, I seriously need to work on my posture. Do you look at photos and hate the way you stand sometimes?

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #17

Monday, 24 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

I'm sure some of you will probably agree that Summer is probably over now, especially as the past 2 days it has just rained a lot. I don't mind as it means I can curl with a good book or in yesterdays case watch all the Jaws films. Other than that I have just been in work mostly.

Food - We found somewhere new to eat this week and it was so cute, there will be a post up on Wednesday. It was called the Maenllwyd Inn, what was nice is that you can go on a woodland walk afterwards.

Sims 4 - Well I used to be obsessed with this game but stopped playing for a while, now I have refound my love for it and spend hours on it, oopps!!

Health - Towards the end of the week I haven't been feeling to good, seems like tonsilitus is paying a visit, though it hasn't been for a while.

What have you been up to?

See You Soon!!


Friday, 21 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

I love keeping memories of everything I do like concerts, theatre trips, tickets from holidays and day trips, and they were slightly building up. I thought why not start a scrapbook as it is a great way to keep everything together and tidy and they're great to sit down and look through on a bad day.

The things I use for my scrapbook is just a normal A4 sketch book which I think I am going to cover the front in wrapping paper as I don't like it being just a black cover. I also picked up recently this pack of Limited Edition Sharpies as they will bring some colour to it and I love Sharpies. Then of course the all important glue to stick everything in.

Now here are some pictures of some of my pages from my scrapbook!!

My first trip abroad

When we went to Scotland and Blackpool

Our Wedding

Some shows & trips we have been on

Some concerts & shows
I love it so much and can't wait to add more things in along the way with whatever else we get up to. There will definitely be more shows and holidays going in there.

Do you have a scrapbook?

See You Soon!!

New Look Haul

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

I love a good shop especially when I am having a bad day and want to cheer myself up, which is actually the worst time to shop haha!! 

I decided to have a look on the New Look site this time as I have seen sleeveless duster coats, I feel is everywhere. I have been updating my look slowly and feel like I am starting to have more of a variety in my wardrobe and also feel like its got more of a grown up look to it.

I actually can't wait to style this with a pair of high waisted jeans, I think it would look good. Any excuse to go out for food when I need to try out an outfit, although I never need an excuse to go for food!!

Any way I bought the Camel Sleevless Duster Coat in Camel (as you can get other colours) for £19.99. But I did notice it is £22.99 online now.

I also added some bobby pins to my basket as I am always in need of them, anyone else forever losing bobby pins? These are the 30pk Kirby Grips for 99p.

Have you bought anything nice recently?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #16

Monday, 17 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

What a week!! I've been working, been to the cinema twice, started a new book and really been enjoying listening to music. We also celebrated my Dad's birthday which you can see my post I wrote for him here :)

Organising - I have actually been getting my life together and have been so organised this year. I am rather proud of myself as I have an actual calendar for planning posts, I have actually been saving and we're that organised we have outings planned for the next few months!!

Date Nights - If any of you are married/in a relationship, you know how important it is to spend time together whether it be at home or going out. Well we have been sticking to our date nights a lot the past few weeks and been going to the cinema every week & just generally spending time together.

Food - This week I have been ridiculously unhealthy, I have just been shovelling junk food in my mouth and it's not doing me any good. When will I start being healthy? The problem I have is chocolate is so tempting, anyone else agree?

Anyone looking forward to Autumn?

See You Soon!!

Boohoo Haul

Friday, 14 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

I seriously have an addiction to shopping, every pay day I order something, does anyone else have this problem? This months lucky winner was BooHoo as I love ordering from these as their clothes such good quality.

I didn't order things I didn't as I did need these things, to be honest I tell myself that every time I order. So would you like to see what I bought?

I think in every haul post a pair of shoes have appeared and once again I ordered shoes. I wanted a pair of Court Heels as they're not to high compared to my other heels. These are perfect and they look good on, as I quickly tried them on. These were £20 and are called Olia Pointed Court Heels

I know living in the UK Summer is practically over now as the sun has seemed to have disappeared. That doesn't mean I can't order a pair of sunglasses, especially as I can't seem to find my original Aviators. These are the Lucy Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses and were £5.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love sleep and I love pyjamas!! These are so cute and as soon as I seen them I thought I have to order these. They are the Parker Sleep Junkie Long Sleeve Top and Short Night Set and was £8. I seriously can not wait to wear these!!

Finally I then ordered high waisted jeans as I have been looking everywhere for a nice looking pair. These fit perfectly, they are a bit long but I always have that problem when it comes to buying jeans as I am rather short. These are the Sandy Super High Waisted Skinny Indigo Jeans and were £25.

All of these items are ready for our little break in September so will be going straight into the suitcase but I will do outfit posts on them during that break.

What have you bought recently?

See You Soon!!

My Father

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

Today is a rather special day so it's a bit of a different post on this wonderful day.

I am not ashamed to say that I am a Daddy's Girl and what's wrong with that!! I am lucky enough that my Dad has always been there, my parents are not divorced and have been happily married 23 years. He is very supportive in anything me or my sisters do and we always have such a laugh with him. He knows how to have a good time and always had tea on the table for us, he was and still is designated chef at my Mums. The one thing I love as well is that he gets on so well with my husband, we always joke that they are like best friends and would run away with each other if they could!!

Anyway today is his Birthday so I thought I would dedicate this post to him as we are off to visit him. So I thought I would end this post with my favourite pictures of me and my Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #15

Monday, 10 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

It's been a pretty relaxing week having lunch in the garden, chilling with the cats and enjoying the one day of sunshine. I have also been listening to quite a bit of music to.

Scrapbooking - I have loved collecting things for my scrapbook lately whether it be cinema tickets, concert tickets, day trip tickets, etc. I love it more as now I have a variety of coloured Sharpie's to make it more colourful.

Reading - I have probably gushed about reading so much lately but I really am enjoying it so much again and have nearly completed my goal :) Here is my Challenge post if you'd like to see how I've done.

Life - This past week I have just been generally loving life. I have been spending time with family, Llewellyn and really been enjoying work. I don't know what could get any better to be honest.

What's been your favourite thing this week?

See You Soon!! 

Panda Cupcakes

Friday, 7 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

I love baking and I haven't baked in a very long time now, so as you can see from the photo above that's what I decided to do last week.

I found these little cupcakes on Pinterest and wanted to try and do them myself. You can find the original post HERE and this is the recipe I followed HERE.

So let me show you how I did them.

So first I measured all the powder ingredients as you can see, which were:

100g Plain Flour
140g Caster Sugar
20g Cocoa Powder
1 1/2tsp Baking Soda

I then weighed out the butter which was 40g and added the egg. I then added the liquids to the mix which was:

1tbsp Vanilla Extract
120ml Whole Milk

I also had to add in a pinch of salt and then mixed it altogether in my trusty mixer.

I spooned 1 small spoon of mixture into each cupcake case and baked them at 170 degrees for 20-25 mins.

Once they had cooled down it was time to decorate them with Buttercream Icing. To make the icing I needed:

280g Icing Sugar
140g Butter
1-2tbsp Milk

I then put a 'blob' of icing on 12 cupcakes and then dipped them all in Granulated Sugar, so they appeared white.

Then it was time to do their little faces, I used:

Plain Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Strands/Hundreds & Thousands
White Icing Pen
Chocolate Icing Pen

The most fiddliest part was doing the mouth as I had to pick out individual strands, I should've used tweezers it might have been easier.

And that's it, it was pretty simple to follow and I really enjoyed making these. I think they look so adorable, more than one is rather sickly though!!

What have you baked recently?

See You Soon!!

Review: Simple Micellar Water

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

If any of you don't know I love the Simple range as it is so good for my skin. My skin is very sensitive and I can't use very harsh products at all, I end up looking like a tomato. 

Anyway I had noticed that a lot of  bloggers having been using different  Micellar waters and I wanted to try one myself. Then as if by magic Simple brought out their own product, so of course I had to get it to try.

I got mine from Superdrug for £2.99, HERE is a link if you'd like to try it.

I love this a lot, it is great for taking off make up, especially eye make up and it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and soft. It is literally just like wiping water over your face, the good thing as well is that it's not harsh on my skin. What is also nice about this product is that it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily at all. You can't beat the price of this as well as it's such a bargain so could buy 2 at a time if you wanted to. 

I actually incorporate this into my morning routine now and use it everyday. I definitely recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin as it's perfect for that.

Do you use a Micellar Water?

See You Soon!!