What I Got For Christmas ox

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

Part 2 of What I Got For Christmas is here!! You can see the first one HERE. In this post I have included all my Beauty gifts I received. 

I had quite a few lovely items that I can not wait to use and review on the Blog. I love the fact that because I Blog everything I receive or buy can be reviewed and blogged about, do you guys feel like that?

On with the gifts :)

These were the perfumes I received, Marc Jacobs Honey and Beyonce Heat Rush. They both smell gorgeous and can't wait to go to parties and other places to wear them :)

These were a few little gift sets that I received from my Mum, Nan and Mum in Law. The Snowlady is bubble bath and can't wait to use that, it smells of cinnamon and that is my favourite winter smell.

These were the more Hair and Beauty items I got. I really needed new make up brushes and these are so soft and I love the wooden handles. I seriously can't wait to use them, I also can't wait to use my little travel mirror on holidays. I did ask for rollers and bigger curlers as I like to have big curls rather than tight curls. There will be reviews popping up over the next month or so :)

I had this gorgeous set off Llewellyns' Brother and Girlfriend. I haven't actually opened this yet but I can not wait to see what is inside and try it all out.

My favourites of the Beauty items are of course the infamous LUSH products. I asked for a face mask this year as I wanted to try something other than different bath bombs. Everything else was then bath bombs apart from Candy Mountain which is a bubble bar. I can't wait to use all these as I love the smell, the texture, what it does for my skin and the rest of it :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

See You Soon!!

What I Got For Christmas ox

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

Christmas has been and gone, now for the usual disclaimer. I am in no way bragging at what I had for Christmas because if any of you readers are like me, you will love this weeks posts. I am very grateful for every present I had and could tell a lot of thought went into them. 

I have split the posts into 3 sections, Beauty, Fashion and Books/DVDs.

The first one is Books/DVDs. I like to share this sort of post as sometimes you may see things you would like to get in the Sales, as I always make a list of things I would like to try from other peoples' posts :)

Anyway on with the pictures.

I actually found I had asked for a lot of autobiographies this year as you can see and also you can see my love for Geordie Shore. I actually had 2 of The Pointless Book so I am going to do something different in each one. I have a 5 year journal which I am looking forward to using and also a great present I had off my Mum is the 642 Things To Write About. I also love my Hungry Caterpillar notebook, going to be handy for blogging and vlogging :) Out of all of these though I am really looking forward to reading Katie Pipers' book as I think she is such an inspiration to women all over.

I had some more Disney films to add to my collection, if you haven't seen on some of the Disney films they are numbered and I am slowly collecting them all. As you can see I had The Sims 4 which I am obsessed with now and can't stop playing it. I must say I am looking forward to watching The Fault In Our Stars even though I know I will cry.

I have added into this post my main present I had off Llewellyn. I love Polaroids!! I think they make pictures look so vintage and I just love the fact that you can take a picture and then it is physically in your hand in a matter of seconds. This is obviously a very popular camera and I absolutely love it. I have decided I am just going to take pictures here and there as I want to build up a lovely collection of special memories through Polaroids.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See You Soon!!

Christmas Biscuits ox

Friday, 26 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

Every year as a tradition we get each other Boxing Day presents at a set price. I decided this year to do something different and baked everyone Christmas shaped Shortbread Biscuits.

All you need is:

Caster Sugar
Plain Flour

The recipe I used was from BBC Food which you can see HERE. If you have a go at baking them why not put a picture on Instagram and use the #ChristmasBiscuits.

This was everything that I needed, butter, caster sugar, plain flour, cookie cutters, rolling pin and cupcake boxes.

Just so you know when reading below I actually multiplied the ingredients by 4 as I had a lot of biscuits to make.

So first I weighed out 720g of Plain Flour.

Then weighed out 500g of Butter.

Then finally I weighed out 220g of Caster Sugar.

I then mixed it altogether in my electric mixer with the dough hook until it became a paste.

I then cut out all the shapes and baked them all for roughly 15/20 minutes each in the oven at 190 degrees.

Once they were all cool I then proceeded to decorate them with little icing pens and edible glitter spray.

For the Snowmen I used pink for the hat, white for his body and blue for his eyes and buttons.

For the Christmas Trees I used yellow for the outline as I didn't have green and blue for the tinsel.

For the Presents I sprayed them with Silver edible glitter spray and pink for the Bow. For the Stars I sprayed them with the Gold edible glitter spray, but forgot to take the photo.

I then put one each of all the biscuits into a space ship box as I couldn't find Christmas ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See You Soon!!

Shopping Haul ox

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

I decided to pop into my local town centre last week as I had some Birthday and Christmas money and thought I would treat myself, I also had to get some things for work.

I won't go into detail about it all, only because I haven't really worn any of it yet properly.

All of the above pictures are what I bought from Primark. The white tshirt, black cardigan and black socks are for work. Also if you are wondering what the Owl clothing is, it is a onesie.

These boots are from Shoe Zone and are for work.

These jumpers are from Peacocks and were actually on a 30% off full price offer. I have been wearing these to work and are such cute jumpers.

I then went to Argos to get a watch as I really needed one for work.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to know how much any of these items are I can update this post with prices.

See You Soon!!

Birthday Haul ox

Monday, 22 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

*Disclaimer* I am in no way bragging about anything I receive, I just want to share with you guys *Disclaimer*

My Birthday was near enough 2 weeks ago now so I apologise this is a tad late. I received some lovely gifts this year that I was so excited about, especially as they are all things I can use.

Some things are not pictured as I have used them :)

This hat I had off my sister, it is so pretty and the inside is fleece lined, perfect for this cold weather we are having, you can get this hat from Peacocks. I also had an old fashioned glass bottle that I am going to use to put Orange Juice in.

These were what I received off Llewellyn. A gorgeous new Me To You bear to add to my collection, I have like a million a lot of them. I also had the Yankee Candle in the scent Christmas Eve and OH MY GOD!! I wish I could eat it, it smells amazing and can not wait to light it. Then I also had the McBusted TourPlay DVD as I love them so much!!!

I had this set off my Uncle, Aunty and cousins. It smells of Orange Blossom and is a De-Stress Body Butter, Bath Salts and Body Buff, I can not wait to use these when I have a nice relaxing bath.

 I had this off my younger sister. We all know I love Make Up Academy so this was the perfect gift for me. It is the Starry Night pallet and I actually used this on my Birthday night out. It is very pigmented and looks lovely. I can't wait to try out some new looks.

This was off my Nan and Grandad and this is such a cute little set. I think people were trying to tell me I smell this year ha ha.

This jumper is from Llewellyns' Mum and is from Primark. This is a gorgeous jumper, it is so soft and fluffy. It is actually really warm to. I also had pyjamas but I've worn them, they are fleecy and so warm.

I had this amazing book off my Mum and Dad. I have so many books to read lately but I am definitely looking forward to this one. I also had flameless candles which are battery operated and are in my bathroom as I use them when I'm in the bath.

Well guys that is what I received, I hope you liked this little post.

See You Soon!!

November Vlogs ox

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

As you all know I have started Vlogging again on YouTube and instead of sharing a new video on here with you everyday, I thought I would just make monthly playlists and you can then watch all the videos from that month.

I am going to start it off with sharing my November Vlogs with you!!

If you would like to keep up with my Vlogs, they go up every day at 5pm on Planet Vikki where you can subsribe and you can also Like my Facebook Page where they also go live at 5pm.

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!

OOTD: Grandads Birthday ox

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

We all went to a local restaurant called the New Inn for an early celebration for Grandads 65th Birthday.

I went for something a little different with what I was wearing as I was feeling adventurous. This is what I wore.

Hat: Studio
Blazer: Ebay
Vest Top: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!

Michael Buble Concert ox

Friday, 5 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

If you all follow me on Facebook or watch my Vlogging on YouTube, you will know that Llewellyn told me I had to get a train all on my own to Birmingham, he had arranged an early Birthday surprise.

I was a little nervous having to get the train on my own but I was fine as it was straight through, with no changes at all. Llewellyn knows his way around Birmingham so while we were walking to the destination of my surprise I still had no idea. We came upon the Barclaycard Arena for my surprise to be that we were seeing the one and only MICHAEL BUBLE!!!

I was so excited and let me tell you, if you haven't seen him before, he puts on an amazing show!! He was fantastic and so glad we went to see him as we are both such big fans.

We weren't very close but I managed to get some decent photos which I will now leave you with and also if you want to see the Vlog, you can do HERE.

These were the most decent ones I had!!

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!