What I Got For Christmas ox

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hey Guys!!

Christmas has been and gone, now for the usual disclaimer. I am in no way bragging at what I had for Christmas because if any of you readers are like me, you will love this weeks posts. I am very grateful for every present I had and could tell a lot of thought went into them. 

I have split the posts into 3 sections, Beauty, Fashion and Books/DVDs.

The first one is Books/DVDs. I like to share this sort of post as sometimes you may see things you would like to get in the Sales, as I always make a list of things I would like to try from other peoples' posts :)

Anyway on with the pictures.

I actually found I had asked for a lot of autobiographies this year as you can see and also you can see my love for Geordie Shore. I actually had 2 of The Pointless Book so I am going to do something different in each one. I have a 5 year journal which I am looking forward to using and also a great present I had off my Mum is the 642 Things To Write About. I also love my Hungry Caterpillar notebook, going to be handy for blogging and vlogging :) Out of all of these though I am really looking forward to reading Katie Pipers' book as I think she is such an inspiration to women all over.

I had some more Disney films to add to my collection, if you haven't seen on some of the Disney films they are numbered and I am slowly collecting them all. As you can see I had The Sims 4 which I am obsessed with now and can't stop playing it. I must say I am looking forward to watching The Fault In Our Stars even though I know I will cry.

I have added into this post my main present I had off Llewellyn. I love Polaroids!! I think they make pictures look so vintage and I just love the fact that you can take a picture and then it is physically in your hand in a matter of seconds. This is obviously a very popular camera and I absolutely love it. I have decided I am just going to take pictures here and there as I want to build up a lovely collection of special memories through Polaroids.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See You Soon!!