Deep Sea World

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
The other attraction we went to was Deep Sea World, if you don't already know I love zoos' and aquariums and want to try and visit every single one of them :)
This is only small but you get to see a lot of different fish and reptiles, they also had 2 seals that really didn't like having their photo taken so we had to sneakily take it :) The one fish we seen I must admit I thought was a rock at first until it started swimming about.
Here are some pictures of some the different fish and reptiles, also 1 seal :)
This was the biggest lobster I had ever seen

The fish that looks like a rock

One of the things I was looking forward to in this aquarium was the fact they had a tunnel that you went around on a travelator and it had the biggest sharks I have ever seen in an aquarium :) It was so cool, you can  also dive with the sharks but you have to book that :)
On our way to the shark tunnel

I loved every minute of it and would definitely recommend this aquarium :) Sorry the pictures of the sharks are not very clear but it was hard as they kept moving :)
I also had a 'selfie' with a seal haha
If you would like to have a look at the Deep Sea World website, go ahead as I think its a lovely place to take children as well as just adults :)
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Royal Yacht Britannia

Friday, 25 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
As you can see from the above picture, while in Scotland we went to the Royal Yacht Britannia. This Yacht belongs to the Queen and is stationed here and is used for people to tour.
It didn't take long to get there from our hotel, it was about half an hour, give or take with traffic of course. You actually have to go through a shopping centre to then go through to the Yacht, which you start from the top of and work your way down to the engine room.
Here is a picture before we got on the Yacht.
Me and Llewellyn love things like this as we love learning about the history behind things and I like to imagine what sort of things they got up to on the Yacht.
The whole tour is on audio and each section that you get to you have to type in the number for that section and it will tell you the history and what happened in that section. The audio 'tools' I said looked like retro mobile phones :)

A lot of the rooms were so big, I didn't even think the Yacht looked big enough to hold these rooms. Especially as I think it was the 3rd or 4th level that had a drawing room and it was so big and it was all softly furnished and carpeted all the way through.
Here are a few of my favourite rooms :)
Prince Phillips Room
The Queens Room
State Dining Room
The Drawing Room
Here is a link to the Royal Yacht Britannia Website and you can have a look around and maybe take a visit :)
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Scotland Trip: OOTD: Night Out

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
When we decided we were going to Scotland for the Wedding we decided we wanted to go on a night out and experience the night life in Edinburgh :) We went to City Nightclub, which is near the Edinburgh Waverley train station, it was a really good night :) may have had a terrible hangover the next day but was worth it :)
My outfit was very comfortable as I wore a bodycon skirt so it went with my body and wore my t-shirt from the day (don't worry I cleaned it first).
Top - Primark; Skirt - Boohoo; Shoes - Deichmann
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Scotland Trip: OOTD: Day Out

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
While we were in Scotland we wanted to visit some attractions and make the most of the extra day we had :)
We went to the Royal Britannia Yacht and Deep Sea World, but there will be more on that in separate posts :)
My outfit that I wore I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable as we were doing a lot of walking about and also I wanted to be cool as the weather was beautiful :)
Top - Primark; Jeans - Primark; Shoes - Primark
I also wore a purple jacket just in case it got a bit breezy :)
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Scotland Trip: OOTD: The Wedding

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
As you know the reason we went to Scotland was for a family Wedding on Llewellyns side :)
As you seen in this post I picked a pastel blue dress from Boohoo and a pastel pink blazer I got from Ebay :) I also cleaned my pastel pink shoes and wore them :)
Dress - Boohoo; Blazer - Ebay; Shoes - Primark
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Scotland Trip: OOTD: Meal Out

Monday, 21 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
So this is the start of my Scotland Posts and they are a combination of OOTD's like this one, some of my favourite pictures and the trips we went on while in Scotland.
The first night we were there we all decided to go out for food, instead of staying cooped up in the hotel. We went to a place called Shandwicks, which we thought was a bit like Wetherspoons, but a spin off from it :) I just had a simple chicken meal and Llewellyn as usual had a mixed grill :)
Anyway on to my OOTD :)
I wanted to go casual but at the same time smart and came up with this :)
Blazer - Ebay; Jack Daniels Vest - Amazon; Jeans - Primark; Shoes - Deichmann

Hope You Enjoyed This Outfit Post :)

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Scotland Trip :) Stage 1: Packing

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
So tomorrow morning the alarm will be going off really early and we will be setting off for the wonderful city of Edinburgh :) I seriously can not wait :)
I thought I would share with you my packing process, and what I will be taking with me :)
I have split it into 3 categories, Travel Bag, Suitcase and Miscellaneous :)
Lets Begin :D
Travel Bag

The bag I am using is my backpack I always use for flying and other holidays :) I got this one from Asda, if I remember correctly ha ha
The contents I am taking in it are:
iPod & Charger
Phone & Charger
Camera & Charger
Book to read while in the car
Purse & Road Trip CD
Medication for my ear
This is all the stuff I will need to keep me occupied on the travel up :)

When packing my suitcase I had 3 things to think of, outfit for the wedding, outfit for Friday and outfit for a night out.
So the contents are:
Blue Dress & Pink Blazer for the Wedding
Baseball Top & Jeans for Friday
Guns n Roses Top & Skirt for Night Out
Then came the even more difficult decision which of my lovely shoes do I pick to take away with me :) The lucky pairs were my black, suede ankle boots and my pale, pink heels :)
As you can see in this picture it is all the things I will need for when I have a shower, do my hair, make up and accessories.
The contents are:
Make Up & Bag
Bobby Pins & Bow Clips
Toiletries & Bag
Clutch Bag
Luckily all this fitted into a small suitcase along with Llewellyns things as well :)
I done myself proud as Llewellyn told me to pack light and I think I done very well as I probably could've packed a lot more ha ha
I hope you enjoyed this post and there will be more posts to come from our trip to Scotland :)
See You Soon!!

Easter Nest Cake and Cupcakes

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hey Guys!!!
Today I thought been as though Easter is on its way I would do a cake that was based around Easter. I was thinking of doing a 'nest' but wasn't sure how to do it until I seen a picture somewhere (can't remember where) of someone who had done it with cornflakes and chocolate. So here is how you do it :)
All you need is:
Milk Chocolate
Mini Eggs

To start I broke up both chocolate bars and put it into a blue bowl, I did this as I was waiting for the water to heat up in the saucepan. Once the water had heated up enough I tipped the solid bits of chocolate into a metal bowl to melt in :)

It didn't take to long for the chocolate to melt, but while it did melt I tipped some cornflakes into the blue bowl ready to mix with the chocolate. I didn't weigh out the cornflakes, I just tipped in enough that there wasn't any chocolate left over.

To make the nest is pretty simple you just build up layer up on layer of cornflakes until you have a mound, then just shape it into a nest shape :)
Once you have done that you can then add the mini eggs and chick. I made a bit of a dip in the top so the eggs will sit nicely in :)

What was good about this was I had enough left over to make 4 cupcakes :)
I hope you enjoyed this post :)
Are you going to be making anything Easter themed?
If you want to try out this and take pictures you can either tag me in them on Instagram at @vikki_hale or use #EasterCakes
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Outfit For A Wedding Guest

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hey Guys!!!
As you know I am off to Edinburgh in a few days for Llewellyns' cousins Wedding, of course due to that I had to find something to wear.
I knew I was going to wear a dress but just didn't know what style, what colour, will I get it online or in a shop, there were so many questions. I decided I was going to look online and went on my favourite site, I seem to do a lot of shopping on there, ooppss. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled, until I came across a lovely, pastel, blue skater dress with cut outs to the sides. I showed Llewellyn to see what he thought and he liked it so of course straight in the basket it went. Delivery was really fast which was great as I wanted to make sure it was here in time :) 
Of course when it came I tried it on and it fits really nice. Its not to short which is good as I didn't want it to be really short, as I don't think that's appropriate for a Wedding. The material is like a nylon type and is stretchy which is good as it will go with my shape better :) The cut outs on either side of the dress are not to bad either and the back is a bit low but not to low that its right down my back :)
At first I had bought a black blazer to go with this dress but it just didn't go with it at all. I happened to have my sisters cardigan with me, which was like a rustic pink, so tried it on and it went perfectly with my dress. I looked on eBay for the blazer I got as I didn't want to spend to much as I had just bought a black one. I came across this one and altogether including postage it came to just under £10.
It is a lovely, pale, pink, 3/4 sleeved blazer. There is elastic in the sleeves so it fits comfortably around my arms. It doesn't have a button to do it up at the front so stays open. It is very light to wear and can see me being nice and cool in it as I don't want to be to warm.
Luckily I didn't have to buy shoes as I already had a pale pink pair I bought a long time ago, they just needed a clean and they go so well together. I am pretty sure I got these from Primark  and they weren't to expensive either :)
There we have it, this will be my outfit for the Wedding and I can't wait to wear it :) I will leave you with a picture of it paired with the blazer, on the hanger :)
See You Soon!!

Primark Haul :)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
Today I decided to go shopping with my sister as I needed to pick up a few things for Scotland next week.
Of course we hit our favourite store Primark and I must admit all the stuff in there at the moment is amazing and just didn't know what to get. I was looking for a blazer to go with my dress for the Wedding and an outfit to wear while we are there :)
I didn't find the blazers straight away as they have moved the store around and they are now downstairs, at the back of the store. I found a gorgeous black, blazer, its not to heavy which I like as I don't like to be 'weighed' down. Its got longer sleeves, unlike my blue one that has 3/4 sleeves. I wanted a black, blazer anyway as I think it will go with everything but I tried it with my dress for the Wedding and it looks like I'm wearing Llewellyns suit jacket.
This particular blazer was £15
Once I found my blazer, I went and looked over at the tops. Their tops they have at the moment are gorgeous and could have bought them all. I was particularly intrigued with the baseball style tops, they had quite a few different styles, but I loved this one. I just loved the style, as it is like a normal V-neck t-shirt but a bit baggier and a really nice vintage Pepsi logo :)
This was £6
I then went and had a look at the bags as I wanted to get a nice colourful bag to use. Instead of going for my usual black bag, I noticed this gorgeous coral coloured bag and decided to step out of my usual comfort zone and get it :) What's nice is the texture of it as it looks like snake skin but obviously isn't :)
This was £6
I also picked up another pair of super soft skinny jeans as I bought these before and loved them, but these are a bit darker than the other ones I have. They are so stretchy which is great because I can move around easily :) and they are just so comfortable :)
These were £11
We also quickly popped into Superdrug and Peacocks. In Superdrug I picked up some MUA Primer as I'm starting to run out and I just love their Primer, you can wear it underneath foundation or on its own, it makes my skin so soft and velvety :) In Peacocks then I seen these really cute bow clips and thought I might use them in my hair at the wedding :)
Primer is £4 and the clips are £2.50
I hope you have enjoyed this haul post and that it has maybe inspired you to try something new or just inspired you to go shopping :)
See You Soon!!