Outfit For A Wedding Guest

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hey Guys!!!
As you know I am off to Edinburgh in a few days for Llewellyns' cousins Wedding, of course due to that I had to find something to wear.
I knew I was going to wear a dress but just didn't know what style, what colour, will I get it online or in a shop, there were so many questions. I decided I was going to look online and went on my favourite site Boohoo.com, I seem to do a lot of shopping on there, ooppss. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled, until I came across a lovely, pastel, blue skater dress with cut outs to the sides. I showed Llewellyn to see what he thought and he liked it so of course straight in the basket it went. Delivery was really fast which was great as I wanted to make sure it was here in time :) 
Of course when it came I tried it on and it fits really nice. Its not to short which is good as I didn't want it to be really short, as I don't think that's appropriate for a Wedding. The material is like a nylon type and is stretchy which is good as it will go with my shape better :) The cut outs on either side of the dress are not to bad either and the back is a bit low but not to low that its right down my back :)
At first I had bought a black blazer to go with this dress but it just didn't go with it at all. I happened to have my sisters cardigan with me, which was like a rustic pink, so tried it on and it went perfectly with my dress. I looked on eBay for the blazer I got as I didn't want to spend to much as I had just bought a black one. I came across this one and altogether including postage it came to just under £10.
It is a lovely, pale, pink, 3/4 sleeved blazer. There is elastic in the sleeves so it fits comfortably around my arms. It doesn't have a button to do it up at the front so stays open. It is very light to wear and can see me being nice and cool in it as I don't want to be to warm.
Luckily I didn't have to buy shoes as I already had a pale pink pair I bought a long time ago, they just needed a clean and they go so well together. I am pretty sure I got these from Primark  and they weren't to expensive either :)
There we have it, this will be my outfit for the Wedding and I can't wait to wear it :) I will leave you with a picture of it paired with the blazer, on the hanger :)
See You Soon!!