Scotland Trip :) Stage 1: Packing

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
So tomorrow morning the alarm will be going off really early and we will be setting off for the wonderful city of Edinburgh :) I seriously can not wait :)
I thought I would share with you my packing process, and what I will be taking with me :)
I have split it into 3 categories, Travel Bag, Suitcase and Miscellaneous :)
Lets Begin :D
Travel Bag

The bag I am using is my backpack I always use for flying and other holidays :) I got this one from Asda, if I remember correctly ha ha
The contents I am taking in it are:
iPod & Charger
Phone & Charger
Camera & Charger
Book to read while in the car
Purse & Road Trip CD
Medication for my ear
This is all the stuff I will need to keep me occupied on the travel up :)

When packing my suitcase I had 3 things to think of, outfit for the wedding, outfit for Friday and outfit for a night out.
So the contents are:
Blue Dress & Pink Blazer for the Wedding
Baseball Top & Jeans for Friday
Guns n Roses Top & Skirt for Night Out
Then came the even more difficult decision which of my lovely shoes do I pick to take away with me :) The lucky pairs were my black, suede ankle boots and my pale, pink heels :)
As you can see in this picture it is all the things I will need for when I have a shower, do my hair, make up and accessories.
The contents are:
Make Up & Bag
Bobby Pins & Bow Clips
Toiletries & Bag
Clutch Bag
Luckily all this fitted into a small suitcase along with Llewellyns things as well :)
I done myself proud as Llewellyn told me to pack light and I think I done very well as I probably could've packed a lot more ha ha
I hope you enjoyed this post and there will be more posts to come from our trip to Scotland :)
See You Soon!!