Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

The other week me and Llewellyn decided to visit Bristol Zoo Gardens to celebrate our Anniversary, you can see both previous posts here and here. Of course that meant picking out an outfit, which then means in turn I share it with you lovely readers. All the clothes in this post I have had for a while so I don't actually have any links to the exact items unfortunately.

I had the idea for this outfit in my mind from the night before and was hoping it would look ok. You know what it's like, you get an idea and then it doesn't always look how you planned. Well this time it actually worked and I loved it. 

I decided to go with my black midi dress, which is so comfortable especially when you eat a sandwich not realising you are wheat intolerant and bloat out! Black is of course my usual colour but I think I would like to invest in some different colours. I then paired it with my denim jacket because even though it was a lovely day, British weather doesn't always stay that way. I then wore my white canvas shoes as they are so comfortable and perfect for walking around the zoo in.

Also as you can see in the picture, the usual Blogger thing of having my camera and phone out as I snapchatted my day and was taking pictures!!

Is this something you would wear?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #21

Monday, 18 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

This week has made me feel so positive and just feel like everything is in a really good place. I have been blogging so much and have so many ideas planned, I have been finding new blogs to read and bloggers to stalk (just kidding I don't stalk anyone, much! LOL!), I have also been loving all the time I have been spending with family lately. Just overall it has been such an amazing week and I am feeling really positive.

Top L-R Catching up on posts, Started a new book, My first Glossybox arrived

Bottom L-R A photo from Bristol Zoo, Really fancied a Five Guys, Picnic time with the family

How are you guys feeling from the last week?

See You Soon!!

Boohoo Haul

Friday, 15 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

Today I am sharing with you the latest additions to my wardrobe. I have actually really been surprising myself in the styles I have been going for and I'm so happy to share them with you. Of course as well as these haul posts you will see them in outfit posts to.

So the lucky items to go from my wishlist to my basket was this gorgeous cropped jumper which is perfect for this in-between weather and also for Autumn. I love the colour of this and the fact it isn't to thick is just perfect.

Then to go with the jumper I added a pair of Mom jeans. Now to be honest I have seen these on a lot of people but wasn't sure of them for myself. I thought I will order them and try them on, if I don't like them I can always send them back. Well I was very surprised that I put them on and absolutely loved them!! They fit perfectly and I love that they have patches on them and a slight rip.

I also picked up another top, well a bodysuit, as I like having tops that I can wear casually or smarten up for a night out. This is a lovely one and I would like to get some more in different colours as long as they are in stock. It is a lovely thin material so wouldn't be to hot if I wore it on a hot day. It is a very plunging neckline as you will probably see when I wear it in an outfit post, but not in an inappropriate way.

Also as me and Llewellyn have decided that I shall pick one item for him to give me for Christmas, I decided to pick something for our Summer holiday we are going to have next year. This top stood out straight away as I was scrolling through the tops section. It is like a bralet but then you have full sleeves that are flared. I absolutely adore the pattern and as we are looking at Greece it will look amazing.

Also for a Summer holiday or maybe it would even look nice in the Autumn I had to pick up this beautiful looking Camel coloured hat. I have actually been wanting to get one of these for a long time but just never picked one up. I am actually going for a picnic with the family Sunday so might wear it then.

I am so in love with all these clothes I am getting lately and if you fancy any of these items you can follow the links below.

Have you bought anything nice lately?

See You Soon!!

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

I love Zoo's, I don't know why, I can just remember from a small age I have always loved them. I am pretty sure Bristol Zoo Gardens was the first one I ever went to and so started my love.

Me and Llewellyn actually had our first proper date there, we had met a few times before that but Bristol Zoo was our first one. So 7 and a half years later for our Anniversary we decided to go back to where we 'started' and had such a fab day.

I love seeing all the different animals and I just love spending time with Llewellyn so combine the two and it really was just awesome. I'm not going to ramble on to much as it was a case of driving roughly 30 mins to get there and then walking round looking at the animals, having some lunch and coming home. So I shall leave you with some pics!!

All the photos' are courtesy of Llewellyn.

What do you think of Zoos?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #20

Monday, 11 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

This week has been so lovely and full of celebrations as it was our 3rd Anniversary, you can check the post out here if you like. So we went to Bristol Zoo for the day on Tuesday, post will be up Wednesday, and had Afternoon Tea on the day of our Anniversary which you can also check out here. It was so nice as I had never been before and definitely want to go again. Other than that I have been working a lot, seriously can not wait for my week off, and have been reading quite a bit to, getting closer to starting War and Peace.

Top L-R Off to Bristol Zoo, Afternoon Tea at the Celtic Manor

Bottom L-R My Husband & Best Friend, Beautiful Lillies, Chilled Saturday reading

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How has your week been?

See You Soon!!

Afternoon Tea at the Celtic Manor

Friday, 8 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

If you have seen my post from Wednesday you will have seen that we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. We wanted to do something a bit different and also something we may not have done before. So we had a scan of the internet and came across the website for the Celtic Manor and ended up deciding on going there for Afternoon Tea.

I have never been to the Celtic Manor, even though it is literally 5/10 minutes down the road from me, and have also never done Afternoon Tea. When we got there I was so impressed by the Reception area, with its Dragons carved into the pillars, I assume they were carved and they had a beautiful table with all these pretty pink flowers.

We got there slightly early so sat in a waiting area and had a drink as we were having Afternoon Tea in The Olive Tree restaurant and had a table reserved for 1pm. I was just so impressed by the whole experience as the staff were so nice and helpful, and checked if everything was alright with our food. We had the Summer Berry Afternoon Tea which runs from 20th June until September.

When they brought it out I thought it was so adorable and I couldn't wait to try a macaroon, as I have never had one before and have always wanted to try one. I think I did very well in trying some of the items as I'm not a very fruit eating person. I did really like the Jammie Dodger shortbread tartlet and the Raspberry and Elderflower macaroon the most. Then once we finished the sandwiches and cakes, we were brought out scones which came with clotted cream and jam. I haven't had scones in so long and they were absolutely delicious!! The best part of it as well was that the scones were nice and warm.

We loved every minute of this afternoon and was definitely the best way to celebrate our Anniversary. We will definitely be going again for Afternoon Tea, may have to take my Mum and Nan as well next time.

Have you ever had Afternoon Tea?

See You Soon!!

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Today me and Llewellyn are celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary and I can not believe how quick it has come around.

I'm not going to lie we have had our ups and downs, what marriage hasn't!! But I am happy that we have been having so many more ups than downs lately and I can't wait for all the lovely memories we are going to continue to make.

He is my best friend as well as my Husband and I love every minute I spend with him. He makes me laugh every day, he gives the best hugs and I love how he accepts me for me, no questions asked. He's there for me when I have my bad days and he's there on my best days. I love how supportive of me he is especially with blogging as he now asks if I need pictures taken of food before we have eaten haha!!

Anyway I could literally go on forever about what I love about him but I will leave it there and go and celebrate with Afternoon Tea with him.

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #19

Monday, 4 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

I have had a pretty busy week to be honest, I have been work most of it and then the rest of it was spent cleaning the house. I was also sad that it was the last Game of Thrones and now have to wait god knows how long for the next season. I am looking forward to this week as we have a few anniversary plans which you will see on the blog over the next few days. We are going for Afternoon Tea for the first time and also going to the Zoo which I think is a great way to celebrate your 3rd Anniversary.

Top L-R Chilling in Mums garden, Tea & Dairy Milk perfect!!

Bottom L-R Who's side is who's?, Having a little relax before work.

How has your week been?

See You Soon!!

Primark Haul

Friday, 1 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

Two hauls in one week, I'm like a shopping machine lately haha!! 

Me and Llewellyn decided to pop to Cwmbran Primark the other day as he wanted to get a new suit and of course I also picked up a few items. I am obsessed with the little invisible socks you can get so I picked up the Wonder Woman and Harry Potter ones for £2.50 each and The Lion King ones for £1. I then also picked up the duvet cover as it was reduced from £13 to £6 so of course I couldn't leave it there, especially as it is a king size duvet cover.

On our way back then we popped into The Range as where we have been making some home improvements I wanted some cute jars or maybe Kilner jars to store cotton wool balls and pads. Luckily I found these short, wide jars for £5 each, I have put my pads and cotton wool balls in them and they fit perfectly. They also look so cute on my chest of drawers, I am going to put some ribbon around them I think.

Unfortunately I can't link any of these items as Primark doesn't sell online and I couldn't find links to the jars.

What do you use Kilner Jars for?

See You Soon!!