Primark Haul

Friday, 1 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

Two hauls in one week, I'm like a shopping machine lately haha!! 

Me and Llewellyn decided to pop to Cwmbran Primark the other day as he wanted to get a new suit and of course I also picked up a few items. I am obsessed with the little invisible socks you can get so I picked up the Wonder Woman and Harry Potter ones for £2.50 each and The Lion King ones for £1. I then also picked up the duvet cover as it was reduced from £13 to £6 so of course I couldn't leave it there, especially as it is a king size duvet cover.

On our way back then we popped into The Range as where we have been making some home improvements I wanted some cute jars or maybe Kilner jars to store cotton wool balls and pads. Luckily I found these short, wide jars for £5 each, I have put my pads and cotton wool balls in them and they fit perfectly. They also look so cute on my chest of drawers, I am going to put some ribbon around them I think.

Unfortunately I can't link any of these items as Primark doesn't sell online and I couldn't find links to the jars.

What do you use Kilner Jars for?

See You Soon!!