InstaLately #9

Monday, 29 June 2015

Hey Guys!!

I know this post is technically a week late but better late than never, hey!! I've been having a bit of a sucky week to be honest and I think I am going to share that in Fridays post. Other than that I have been working a lot and haven't had time to get all my blog post ideas down or get them written up, which makes me sad.

Spotify - I am obsessed with this at the moment, I am constantly playing music on it lately. There are so many playlists that just fit in with my mood at the time, I also like to sing along in the shower or bath.

Netflix - As you can see from the collage above I have watched OINTB and am now in love with Ruby Rose, to be honest who isn't!! She is just so beautiful and just oozes so much confidence, she also gives me tattoo envy as I want more tattoos!!

Loving - The fact I will be going to the gym soon as I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately and just want to get myself to how I see me!! Plus I am a very unfit person and need to be fitter.

How has your week been?

Hope you enjoyed todays post!!

See You Soon!!

How I Beat Writer's Block

Friday, 12 June 2015

Hey Guys!!

Now and again, as I suspect all Bloggers do as well, I get writers' block and just can't seem to get the inspiration to write. It can be horrible as I like to stick to my schedule as much as I can and then I get frustrated as I have nothing to write about.

I thought I would share with you how I beat writers' block, it doesn't always work but I'd say 80% of the time it does.

Reading - The first thing I will do is read other blogs to try and gain a bit of inspiration. I never copy the post as that person will have put a lot of work in to that post so I will put my own spin on it. I also will sit and read a book as I sometimes gain inspiration from there to.

Internet Break - I also take a day or 2 away from the Internet as sometimes I think you can have to much of a good thing, so a little break now and again doesn't hurt. This is actually where I seem to beat writers' block best.

Housework - Strangely this also helps. Whenever I am stuck in a rut if I occupy myself with housework I find its freeing up my brain to let ideas in and then I can sit and plan posts for ages.

These are the 3 main things I do and like I said 80% of the time it works and I have a lot of posts planned, etc. I have been 'suffering' with it at the moment but there are a lot of things coming up that we are planning which means lots of fun lifestyle posts, OOTDs', food posts and whatever else I can get out of these plans.

What do you do to beat writers' block?

I hope you enjoyed this little post!!

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #8

Monday, 8 June 2015

Hey Guys!!

I am posting from my phone today so I apologise that this may not be set out like my other posts.

I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus the past few weeks, it has been a bit manic to say the least. My anxiety was playing up, I have been in work quite a bit and we have had a few celebrations. Some normality is starting to come back now so there will be posts on my usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday, also I am going to start posting more OOTDs.

Loving - The weather, it has been awesome weather the past few days so have been enjoying the sun while I am off work.

Reading - I was slacking a little on the reading front but have really got back into it. I am currently reading Emma by Jane Austen and I'm loving it.

Netflix - I was so happy when Pretty Little Liars came back on so I now have something to watch and also I have now become addicted to House thanks to Chloe!!

Hope you enjoyed todays post!!

See You Soon!!