Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

On Tuesday I shared with you my day at the Weston Air Show and I thought today I would share with you the outfit that I wore that day. I must say I probably should have worn something different as I was freezing but I loved the outfit anyway.

I decided to wear my black, midi skirt that I ordered from Boohoo which you will have seen in yesterdays' post, as I thought it is perfect to wear for a day at the beach. It is very comfortable and not to thick which is good, although not on a freezing day ha ha!! The nice thing about it is that you can wear it casual with a pair of sandals or you can smarten it up with a pair of wedges or heels.

I then paired it with my white, cropped t-shirt that I bought from Primark. This fit lovely and because it is cotton material I wasn't to warm. I think I will definitely get some more as they do go perfectly with midi skirts.

I then finished off the outfit with my denim jacket and a pair of white sandals. Both are from Primark, the denim jacket from a while ago but the sandals quite recently. I also used my black, over the shoulder bag which is also from Primark.

All items that can be linked are linked below.

Skirt - Boohoo
Denim Jacket - Primark
Top - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Bag - Primark

What do you think of Midi Skirts?

See You Soon!!

Boohoo Haul

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

Today I thought I would share with you what I bought from Boohoo a few weeks back. Lately I have been wanting to renew my wardrobe and have a bit more of a grown up wardrobe if that makes sense. So I have come to the decision of when ever I get paid from work I am setting myself a budget to spend on a few new clothing items.

So this month I made a wishlist and bought these few items from it.

Jacket £10
Top £5
Skirt £6

Pyjamas £8

Hat £3

I have worn some of these items as you will see in tomorrows' post but me and Llewellyn also came to the decision that he is going to put one item away for Christmas for me. Out of this lot he is putting the pyjamas away for me, which I am sad about but also happy about as they are so cute.

Do you find you are renewing your wardrobe every so often?

See You Soon!!

Weston Air Show

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

A couple of weeks back me and Llewellyn decided to head down to Weston-Super-Mare again, we seem to always be down there lately! This time though we went down for the Air Show as usually we are on holiday when it is going on and so we end up missing it. 

We managed to get a really good spot on the beach to be able to see the planes fly by. I must say it was probably due to the fact that it was freezing the day we went so there wasn't loads of people on the beach, there probably would've been more if it was sunny.

I must say I loved it, especially the Red Arrows, which I have I always loved. Llewellyn was like a child in a toy store, he absolutely loves that kind of thing and we plan on going to a few museums of transport.

I will now leave you with some pictures from the day.

Have you ever been to an Air Show?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #19

Monday, 27 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

This week has been very centred around the fact we are making some home improvements as we want the house to start looking like a home rather than just being somewhere we rent. If you'd like to see a post of the improvements once it is all done, I will happily do that. Other than that it has been a pretty good week, I've been feeling so happy and content with myself and with work and I can not wait for the future happy times.

Top L-R Off down Mums' for Game of Thrones, Our new bedroom furniture
Bottom L-R Missing the sunny weather, a few Primark buys 

How has your week been?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #18

Monday, 20 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

So this week has been half relaxed and half busy. We finally started the painting on the landing and stairs and had a few days out. We also had a little trip to the cinema to see Me Before You and I must admit I cried my eyes out for the first time ever in the cinema!! Definitely recommend you guys to see this film as it was so good! We also had Father's Day this weekend and I spent the afternoon down my Mums' with Dad and then over my Nans' with our Grandad, was such a nice day just being altogether.

Top L-R Started a new book & love these socks, Started painting the landing

Bottom L-R Bit of tea & toast for breakfast, Nice chilled day, Day at Weston Air Show

How has your week been?

See You Soon!!


Friday, 17 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

I have really been enjoying sharing my outfits with you even if I haven't necessarily planned the outfit. To be honest nine times out of ten I just throw something on and hope it looks ok, anyone else do that?

I thought I would share with you this week what I wore to the Vintage Car Rally. I was hoping to wear shorts but went with some trusty jeans as the weather wasn't great, it ended up being sunny though. My jeans are high rised and were so comfy all day. I paired the jeans with a grey cropped top which was thin enough I wasn't to warm when it did warm up. I then wore my baseball jacket which I got from a little beach shop when I was on holiday one year and then wore black canvas shoes to tie it all together.

Jacket - Beach Shop
Shoes - New Look (similar ones in white)
Bag - Primark

I will take another picture to update with on the weekend so you can see the items properly.

See You Soon!!

Vintage Car Rally

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

On the weekend me and Llewellyn decided to hop on the train when I finished work and visit the Vintage Car Rally at Barry Island. The weather looked a bit 'iffy' as it was a bit showery before we left and when we got there but it brightened up around lunchtime and was a gorgeous day.

We have always loved going to these types of things as they used to do them in Tredegar Park but have stopped doing them there now. There wasn't loads of cars there as they were all along the promenade but the cars that were there were so cool.

Once we had a look at the cars we then went and had a little play in the arcade where I got addicted to the Bingo machines and Llewellyn won a giant bar of Dairy Milk. We also enjoyed some donuts on the way home and enjoyed some cheese, chips and gravy for lunch.

What do you think about vintage or new cars?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #17

Monday, 13 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

Last week I didn't have internet until the end of the week so didn't post on Instagram much as you can see. I've had a pretty relaxing week to be honest, I went back to work after my week off and we have just chilled out when we can. I have a feeling I have posted the same photo from above from Lauren's birthday but why not look at it again!

Me and Llewellyn went to a Car Rally at Barry Island, Done some journalling and a little selfie from Lauren's Birthday.

How has your week been?

See You Soon!!


Friday, 10 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

I'm sure you may have seen my post on Wednesday of when I went bowling, if not you can read it here. Well I thought I would share with you what I wore as I am trying to get a bit better at sharing outfits with you.

It actually didn't take me long to decide what to wear for once as it was a lovely day and I wanted to wear something cool. I went with a lovely, white, cotton dress that I had bought from Primark last year which is lovely and flowy (if that's a word) and has a brown, belt that goes round the middle. I then paired it with my trusty denim jacket which is also from Primark but I bought this a long time ago but you can get similar ones. 

For my feet I wore my tan, ankle boots which are from last year from Primark, I swear all my clothes aren't just from Primark. These are so comfy, and they make the noise on the floor you make when wearing heels.

I loved this outfit and I felt so cool in it especially as it was so hot here Tuesday and it was an easy outfit to bowl in!!

Dress - Primark
Denim Jacket - Primark
Shoes - Primark

What do you think of this type of outfit?

See You Soon!!

Bowling Shenanigans!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

Yesterday was my sisters' 23rd Birthday and she decided that she wanted to go bowling and have some food with the family. In total there was 7 of us that went so we had a decent game of bowling.

The place we went bowling is called Superbowl UK and has only been open since March. It was nice and quiet when we went as all the children are back in school now and it was only us on a lane. It is very clean, and everything is easy to use when it comes to putting your names up on the screen and deciding on the bumpers being up or down for people. They also have a soft play area, Laser Tag, a bar and an arcade, I can do all of these things but the Laser Tag due to my asthma as they use smoke machines.

So we began bowling, I must say I am not the best at bowling but I enjoy it anyway as I used to love going to Megabowl when that was open. Everyone had so much fun and at one point we thought our Nan was going to go down the lane with the ball!! 

At the end of it then we had a look at the scores to see who won, Llewellyn won with 174 and I came last with 59! Lauren had a score of 116 but as there was so many of us I couldn't fit her score into the picture. 

We only had one game so when we finished we went over into the bar area and had some food. I went with a basket of chicken nuggets and chips which were really nice, I just wish I wasn't so sensitive to grease as I couldn't eat all the chicken nuggets as the grease was making me queasy.

Afterwards then we went back to Mums' house and sat out the back garden for a few hours as the weather was still gorgeous as it has been through the week.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

How are you at bowling?

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #16

Monday, 6 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

I ended up having the week off both work and blogging last week. Blogging was more because I had no internet so couldn't write up any posts but it meant that I got quite a few things done through the week. We had a few days out, we have been making a few home improvements and planning out the next improvements. We are finally getting the house to how we'd like it even though we can't majorly decorate as we are private tenants.

Top L-R Spent the afternoon at Weston, Had a movie day, Had a nice little walk at Goytre Wharf

Bottom L-R Our walk at Goytre Wharf, Breakfast outside, My outfits are slowly becoming more Summer-y

How has your week been?

See You Soon!!