Vintage Car Rally

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

On the weekend me and Llewellyn decided to hop on the train when I finished work and visit the Vintage Car Rally at Barry Island. The weather looked a bit 'iffy' as it was a bit showery before we left and when we got there but it brightened up around lunchtime and was a gorgeous day.

We have always loved going to these types of things as they used to do them in Tredegar Park but have stopped doing them there now. There wasn't loads of cars there as they were all along the promenade but the cars that were there were so cool.

Once we had a look at the cars we then went and had a little play in the arcade where I got addicted to the Bingo machines and Llewellyn won a giant bar of Dairy Milk. We also enjoyed some donuts on the way home and enjoyed some cheese, chips and gravy for lunch.

What do you think about vintage or new cars?

See You Soon!!