Boohoo Haul

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

Today I thought I would share with you what I bought from Boohoo a few weeks back. Lately I have been wanting to renew my wardrobe and have a bit more of a grown up wardrobe if that makes sense. So I have come to the decision of when ever I get paid from work I am setting myself a budget to spend on a few new clothing items.

So this month I made a wishlist and bought these few items from it.

Jacket £10
Top £5
Skirt £6

Pyjamas £8

Hat £3

I have worn some of these items as you will see in tomorrows' post but me and Llewellyn also came to the decision that he is going to put one item away for Christmas for me. Out of this lot he is putting the pyjamas away for me, which I am sad about but also happy about as they are so cute.

Do you find you are renewing your wardrobe every so often?

See You Soon!!