Bowling Shenanigans!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hey Guys!!

Yesterday was my sisters' 23rd Birthday and she decided that she wanted to go bowling and have some food with the family. In total there was 7 of us that went so we had a decent game of bowling.

The place we went bowling is called Superbowl UK and has only been open since March. It was nice and quiet when we went as all the children are back in school now and it was only us on a lane. It is very clean, and everything is easy to use when it comes to putting your names up on the screen and deciding on the bumpers being up or down for people. They also have a soft play area, Laser Tag, a bar and an arcade, I can do all of these things but the Laser Tag due to my asthma as they use smoke machines.

So we began bowling, I must say I am not the best at bowling but I enjoy it anyway as I used to love going to Megabowl when that was open. Everyone had so much fun and at one point we thought our Nan was going to go down the lane with the ball!! 

At the end of it then we had a look at the scores to see who won, Llewellyn won with 174 and I came last with 59! Lauren had a score of 116 but as there was so many of us I couldn't fit her score into the picture. 

We only had one game so when we finished we went over into the bar area and had some food. I went with a basket of chicken nuggets and chips which were really nice, I just wish I wasn't so sensitive to grease as I couldn't eat all the chicken nuggets as the grease was making me queasy.

Afterwards then we went back to Mums' house and sat out the back garden for a few hours as the weather was still gorgeous as it has been through the week.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

How are you at bowling?

See You Soon!!