Outfit Of The Day: 17th May

Monday, 26 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
This day was such a hot one and we were off to town and were going to be out in it quite a lot, so definitely wanted to wear something cool.
I had this skater skirt at Christmas and it is so floaty and cool, I love it :) I just wore a simple white strapped top that I already had and again wore my black espadrilles :)
I left my hair curly as I had washed and plaited it the night before :)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
See You Soon!!

Outfit Of The Day: 19th May

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
I thought I would share with you another outfit post :)
This day Mum decided to have a BBQ with some family and it was a bit cooler which was nice as we have had some really hot weather recently.
I didn't want to wear shorts or anything so decided to wear my floral jumpsuit. What's nice about this jumpsuit it is a nice thin cotton material so is cool and comfortable :) I paired with it my old faithful black espadrilles and a nice denim jacket :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!!
See You Soon!!

Outfit Of The Day: 18th May x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
On Sunday Me, Llewellyn and Mum, Dad, Lauren and Chloe went out for food at our favourite restaurant the Man of Gwent :)
It was such a hot day I didn't want to wear something that I would be boiling in and for some reason I can't find my maxi dresses :( I decided to dig into my H&M clothes which were not meant to be worn yet but it was the only day dress I have :)
I paired this dress with my black espadrilles and I was so cool and comfortable all day :)
I know this is a short post but I hope you enjoyed it :)
See You Soon!!

My Fitness Week 2

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
We are now on to Week 2 of my Fitness series, even though this post is actually a day late, that's because I was at Mums' for a BBQ :) Talking about BBQs, this week has not been a very good week at all, food and exercise wise. It seems as though I started this series and all I have done is eat and slack on the exercise front.
I did do a little bit of a workout on the treadmill at Mums, but then she decided to move the living room around and it was also Chloes' Birthday Friday so I missed out on that day also, so I done 3 days on there last week. I'm still doing Program 2 as I still get a little breathless when doing it and I can feel its working me out :)
I am on Day 4 of my Runtastic app and I must admit it is a decent workout app. I didn't think I would feel the effects, as in feeling a bit sore and aching a bit so I know its working :) I got another 6 days of Level 1 so we shall see what measurements will be like next week :)
Onto my measurements :)
I actually realised I measured my waist wrong so it is actually 28ins so have to disregard last weeks measurement of 33ins. I actually gained half an inch on my stomach, which I expected because we have had 2 BBQs at the weekend and also went out for food on Sunday, but half an inch is not bad at all. My thighs have actually stayed the same so I'm happy with that :) What I am rather happy about is even though we done all that unhealthy eating over the weekend, I have managed to lose a pound :D
I will say I have done nothing different eating wise I have stuck to 3 meals a day, not been snacking much and have been drinking a lot more water, and I am feeling a lot better for it all to :)
How are you all doing with getting fit and healthy?
See You Soon!!

Updated Skincare Routine

Monday, 19 May 2014

I done a post like this a while ago which you can read HERE.
My previous skincare routine had a lot of products in and would literally take me about half hour to do, so I thought I would cut down and try a new skincare routine.
This is where I was looking through my Avon catalogue and come across this skincare range. I actually remember using Clearskin Professional when I was in my teens and it worked so well for me and its only 3 products. What's good about these products is they are numbered so you know what order to use them in :)
The first product I use is the Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub which is £5.50. I apply this with an exfoliating glove so I am exfoliating at the same time and then wash it off with warm water. What's good is this range has Salicylic Acid which is so good for breakouts :)
The second product I use then is the Clarifying Toner Pads which are also £5.50. I wipe these all over my face and down my neck, it is surprising how oily and dirty your face and neck gets, I always thought I was a really clean person!! These smell lovely, well they smell like a medical place, but I love the smell of them :)
The third product then is the Daily Correcting Lotion which is £7. This basically 'repairs' or 'corrects' any blemishes you may have and also because it has Salicylic Acid in it treats any spots you may have and any redness :)
I do this every morning and night, as soon as I get up and before I go to bed. In the picture below is my skin before, I will do a full review on each item after a month of using it and also include an After picture to see if there is a difference :)
Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!


Haircare Routine

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
I thought I would share with you how I take care of my hair on a general basis. I don't use a lot of products on my hair and I also have to use specific products as not a lot of things clean my hair properly.
Over the years I have always been on and off with different shampoos and conditioners and found that some would partially clean my hair and others wouldn't clean it at all!! I then found that using Herbal Essences on my hair cleaned it really well and left it so soft and shiny. As you can see I have to actually get some more as I'm running out. I don't use them every day, I would say every other day I use them or whenever my hair needs washing. I usually stock up on these when they're on offer in Tesco's :)
This product I had never used before and my Aunty had bought me it for Christmas. It smells gorgeous and just makes me want to eat fruit. Its like a conditioner consistency and is a shine mask. I don't use this all the time but once a week I will replace my conditioner with this. It leaves my hair so shiny and my hair always feels so light after using it :)
I hope you enjoyed this post!!
See You Soon!!

My Fitness Week 1

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
I'm actually a little nervous to do this post as I find it very hard to motivate myself to get fit. I have been seeing a lot of fitness posts around and reading a lot of them!! So I am taking the plunge and doing my own Fitness series :)
In roughly 3 months I am off on holiday to Corfu and I can not wait to go!! But I am not in the best of shape and would like to tone up a bit ready for it :) It doesn't help that chocolates, cakes and anything sweet is so tempting, so I am trying my hardest to make healthier decisions :)
I am not going by my weight as I don't want to lose weight as I am a healthy weight for my height according to the Dr :) So I have measured my waist, stomach and thighs as I feel I will see more progress that way :) I have taken a picture of my measurements and then we can all see the progress I am hopefully going to make :) So these are the measurements at the moment.
Waist 33ins; Stomach 32ins; Thighs 20ins; Weight 8st 5lb
As I said above I am not worried about my weight but more my measurements.
Onto how I am going to get into shape!! I haven't pictured it but my Mum has a treadmill so whenever I am at my Mums', which tends to be 5 times a week, I am going to do half an hour on there. I have been going on there for a while and been doing the pre-programmed sessions on there. I started out on Programme 1 and am now on Programme 2 so will be doing that until I feel its not really doing anything.
I have also downloaded an App onto my phone called Runtastic Six Pack and it is aimed to get you a Six Pack in 6 weeks.

I am going to be starting this today and you start on Level 1, then each week go up a level. I have the free version but you can upgrade it for a price, I'm not sure how much as it doesn't say. I'm hoping I'm going to see some progress on my stomach area and you never know I might end up with a Six Pack ha ha
Eating wise I am pretty good, I stick to 3 meals a day, sometimes I do forget to have breakfast but I am going to make sure I have breakfast every morning from now on. I just need to make sure I eat more fruit as I don't eat a lot of fruit, instead of eating sugary sweets all the time :)
I hope you enjoyed this post and will tune in every week to see my progress :)
I will also post up healthy meals I am eating and possibly some recipes, if you would like to see that?
See You Soon!!

H&M Haul

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
I feel so bad I haven't wrote in nearly a week!! I have so many blog ideas going round in my head I need to start getting them down :)
Anyway on to the point of this post!! I recently went to H&M, its the first time I have ever shopped there and will definitely be shopping there again :) I had some birthday money still and as I have a holiday coming up I wanted to pick up some nice summer clothes to take. I could've shopped forever in there and bought everything to be honest :) So this is what I bought :)
Top 2 Crop Tops - £4.99; Bottom 2 Crop Tops - £3.99
I have seen Crop Tops everywhere lately and have seen some lovely ones in New Look, Primark, etc. So when I came across these in H&M and saw that they were reasonably priced I had to get them. The top 2 are £4.99 and are both in Medium and the bottom 2 are £3.99 and are also both in Medium. They have also given me the motivation to exercise more and tone up some areas :)
Striped Skirt - £3.99; Shorts - £7.99; Bottom 2 Skirts - £5.99
Of course you can't buy tops without buying some sort of bottoms to go with them :) I have a skirt like the top one already in black so wanted to get a different one and I love the stripes on it, this is £3.99 and a size 10 :) I actually do not and have never owned white shorts, so I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and buy them. They fit so comfortably and when I have a bit of colour in my legs, they will look gorgeous!! These were £7.99 and also size 10 :) The 2 bottom skirts are really light and 'floaty', they are also high waisted which I love because then when you wear a crop top, its only a little bit on show :) These were both £5.99 and size 10 :)
I actually don't own a lot of summer day dresses, other than maxi dresses of course!! The flowery dress was actually what my Mother spotted and said I should get it, of course I listened!! It is cotton material and is nice and light to wear. I love the length of it as its not to short and not to long either :) This was £7.99 and in Medium. The dress on the right I wasn't sure on whether to buy or not as I wasn't sure whether it would suit me. I thought though if I get it I can always bring it back if it doesn't suit me :) As soon as I tried it on I loved it and what's nice I can go from day to night with this dress. This was £14.99 and in Small :)
Try to ignore my sock lines hehe!! I already own a pair of espadrilles in black and love how comfortable they are :) Of course as soon as I seen these I wanted them!! I love the stripes on them, I already know they are going to be comfortable and did I already say I LOVE them!! These were £7.99 and size 4 :)
When buying all this I was surprised how cheap it all was, as I always thought for some reason that H&M was expensive and as you can see the most expensive thing was my dress at £14.99. You will see proper outfit posts on all of these when I actually wear them which won't be for another 3 months!! These are all going straight into my suitcase :)
Well I hope you all enjoyed this post!!
See You Soon!!

Outfit Of The Day: Family Party

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
On Friday we had a family party, we were celebrating my Nanna's 80th Birthday, to be honest I had no clue what I was wearing until about 2 hours before we were meant to leave.
I just wasn't sure what to wear, I wanted to wear a party outfit but be casual at the same time :) I literally tried on 3 different outfits and sent pictures to my Mum to see what she thought, they all liked it so this is what I wore.
Blazer - Ebay; Crop Top - H&M; Jeans - Primark
I actually swapped shoes as these were slipping off the back of my feet, I think my feet have shrunk ha ha, I was so comfortable in this, though I did get a bit hot afterwards!! I thought it was nice because I could stick a pair of daps on and it would casual it down for a day outfit :)
I will be doing a post on the things I bought in H&M and that will be up soon :)
Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!

May Mini Goals

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
Can't believe the time has come again to be setting another 5 monthly goals :O Seriously where is the time going!!!
I think I done a little better in April because in March I did 3 out of 5 goals and was hoping to have achieved a little better :) Lets have a look shall we :)
Write Down Anything Good/Positive That Happens  (Done) - I'm going to carry this goal over as I still think is a great thing to do and I can look back at all the good things that happened over the year :)
Post At Least 3 Times A Week (Done) - Now I have finished work I will now have more time to blog so I am going to try and post at least 3 times a week for you guys :)
Organise My Social Media (Done) - This is going to be more of a tidy up and I am also thinking of setting up a Twitter account that is just for this blog which I think would be so much better and easier for me to keep a track on blog readers, etc.
Read 2 Books This Month - I have been doing really well with my reading goal and am now on my 4th book, but excluding the book I a currently reading I want to finish at least 2 books :)
Bake At Least Twice A Week - So as I said above I have finished my job and will now have more time to bake and so you can look forward to a lot more baking posts in the future :)

3 out of 5 goals!!!

So I did the same as last month which is good to be honest, it means I'm actually sticking to something, normally I would've gave up on them all. This month though I want to push and do all 5 :)

So lets take a look at what I have set my self this month :)

Read 2 Books This Month - April for some reason seemed to be a really busy month so didn't seem to have much reading time at all, so this month will hopefully be calm and I can get this done :)
No Spending, More Saving!! - This month seen me leave my job due to a lot of illness so now I won't really have a lot of money, so I really need to save rather than spend this month (other than on bills of course) as I do have a few holidays coming up :)
Finish Painting Our Bedroom - The only thing left to do in our bedroom is to paint it white so that it will be nice and bright, I have started it just needs finishing and I think a month will be plenty of time to finish it :)
Bake At Least Twice This Month - I have carried this goal over but tweaked it so that it was for the month rather than a week, I think I knew I wasn't going to actually be able to do it every week :)
Post At Least 4 OOTD Posts - There is a few little things we will be doing this month so I will be posting some OOTD's for you :)
As I've said I have been finding it so much better setting myself goals for the month, its actually been making me feel happier in life as I get to the end of each month and find I achieved them :)
Have you got any goals for the month?
Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!