My Fitness Week 2

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
We are now on to Week 2 of my Fitness series, even though this post is actually a day late, that's because I was at Mums' for a BBQ :) Talking about BBQs, this week has not been a very good week at all, food and exercise wise. It seems as though I started this series and all I have done is eat and slack on the exercise front.
I did do a little bit of a workout on the treadmill at Mums, but then she decided to move the living room around and it was also Chloes' Birthday Friday so I missed out on that day also, so I done 3 days on there last week. I'm still doing Program 2 as I still get a little breathless when doing it and I can feel its working me out :)
I am on Day 4 of my Runtastic app and I must admit it is a decent workout app. I didn't think I would feel the effects, as in feeling a bit sore and aching a bit so I know its working :) I got another 6 days of Level 1 so we shall see what measurements will be like next week :)
Onto my measurements :)
I actually realised I measured my waist wrong so it is actually 28ins so have to disregard last weeks measurement of 33ins. I actually gained half an inch on my stomach, which I expected because we have had 2 BBQs at the weekend and also went out for food on Sunday, but half an inch is not bad at all. My thighs have actually stayed the same so I'm happy with that :) What I am rather happy about is even though we done all that unhealthy eating over the weekend, I have managed to lose a pound :D
I will say I have done nothing different eating wise I have stuck to 3 meals a day, not been snacking much and have been drinking a lot more water, and I am feeling a lot better for it all to :)
How are you all doing with getting fit and healthy?
See You Soon!!