H&M Haul

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
I feel so bad I haven't wrote in nearly a week!! I have so many blog ideas going round in my head I need to start getting them down :)
Anyway on to the point of this post!! I recently went to H&M, its the first time I have ever shopped there and will definitely be shopping there again :) I had some birthday money still and as I have a holiday coming up I wanted to pick up some nice summer clothes to take. I could've shopped forever in there and bought everything to be honest :) So this is what I bought :)
Top 2 Crop Tops - £4.99; Bottom 2 Crop Tops - £3.99
I have seen Crop Tops everywhere lately and have seen some lovely ones in New Look, Primark, etc. So when I came across these in H&M and saw that they were reasonably priced I had to get them. The top 2 are £4.99 and are both in Medium and the bottom 2 are £3.99 and are also both in Medium. They have also given me the motivation to exercise more and tone up some areas :)
Striped Skirt - £3.99; Shorts - £7.99; Bottom 2 Skirts - £5.99
Of course you can't buy tops without buying some sort of bottoms to go with them :) I have a skirt like the top one already in black so wanted to get a different one and I love the stripes on it, this is £3.99 and a size 10 :) I actually do not and have never owned white shorts, so I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and buy them. They fit so comfortably and when I have a bit of colour in my legs, they will look gorgeous!! These were £7.99 and also size 10 :) The 2 bottom skirts are really light and 'floaty', they are also high waisted which I love because then when you wear a crop top, its only a little bit on show :) These were both £5.99 and size 10 :)
I actually don't own a lot of summer day dresses, other than maxi dresses of course!! The flowery dress was actually what my Mother spotted and said I should get it, of course I listened!! It is cotton material and is nice and light to wear. I love the length of it as its not to short and not to long either :) This was £7.99 and in Medium. The dress on the right I wasn't sure on whether to buy or not as I wasn't sure whether it would suit me. I thought though if I get it I can always bring it back if it doesn't suit me :) As soon as I tried it on I loved it and what's nice I can go from day to night with this dress. This was £14.99 and in Small :)
Try to ignore my sock lines hehe!! I already own a pair of espadrilles in black and love how comfortable they are :) Of course as soon as I seen these I wanted them!! I love the stripes on them, I already know they are going to be comfortable and did I already say I LOVE them!! These were £7.99 and size 4 :)
When buying all this I was surprised how cheap it all was, as I always thought for some reason that H&M was expensive and as you can see the most expensive thing was my dress at £14.99. You will see proper outfit posts on all of these when I actually wear them which won't be for another 3 months!! These are all going straight into my suitcase :)
Well I hope you all enjoyed this post!!
See You Soon!!