May Mini Goals

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
Can't believe the time has come again to be setting another 5 monthly goals :O Seriously where is the time going!!!
I think I done a little better in April because in March I did 3 out of 5 goals and was hoping to have achieved a little better :) Lets have a look shall we :)
Write Down Anything Good/Positive That Happens  (Done) - I'm going to carry this goal over as I still think is a great thing to do and I can look back at all the good things that happened over the year :)
Post At Least 3 Times A Week (Done) - Now I have finished work I will now have more time to blog so I am going to try and post at least 3 times a week for you guys :)
Organise My Social Media (Done) - This is going to be more of a tidy up and I am also thinking of setting up a Twitter account that is just for this blog which I think would be so much better and easier for me to keep a track on blog readers, etc.
Read 2 Books This Month - I have been doing really well with my reading goal and am now on my 4th book, but excluding the book I a currently reading I want to finish at least 2 books :)
Bake At Least Twice A Week - So as I said above I have finished my job and will now have more time to bake and so you can look forward to a lot more baking posts in the future :)

3 out of 5 goals!!!

So I did the same as last month which is good to be honest, it means I'm actually sticking to something, normally I would've gave up on them all. This month though I want to push and do all 5 :)

So lets take a look at what I have set my self this month :)

Read 2 Books This Month - April for some reason seemed to be a really busy month so didn't seem to have much reading time at all, so this month will hopefully be calm and I can get this done :)
No Spending, More Saving!! - This month seen me leave my job due to a lot of illness so now I won't really have a lot of money, so I really need to save rather than spend this month (other than on bills of course) as I do have a few holidays coming up :)
Finish Painting Our Bedroom - The only thing left to do in our bedroom is to paint it white so that it will be nice and bright, I have started it just needs finishing and I think a month will be plenty of time to finish it :)
Bake At Least Twice This Month - I have carried this goal over but tweaked it so that it was for the month rather than a week, I think I knew I wasn't going to actually be able to do it every week :)
Post At Least 4 OOTD Posts - There is a few little things we will be doing this month so I will be posting some OOTD's for you :)
As I've said I have been finding it so much better setting myself goals for the month, its actually been making me feel happier in life as I get to the end of each month and find I achieved them :)
Have you got any goals for the month?
Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!