My Fitness Week 1

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hey Guys!!
I'm actually a little nervous to do this post as I find it very hard to motivate myself to get fit. I have been seeing a lot of fitness posts around and reading a lot of them!! So I am taking the plunge and doing my own Fitness series :)
In roughly 3 months I am off on holiday to Corfu and I can not wait to go!! But I am not in the best of shape and would like to tone up a bit ready for it :) It doesn't help that chocolates, cakes and anything sweet is so tempting, so I am trying my hardest to make healthier decisions :)
I am not going by my weight as I don't want to lose weight as I am a healthy weight for my height according to the Dr :) So I have measured my waist, stomach and thighs as I feel I will see more progress that way :) I have taken a picture of my measurements and then we can all see the progress I am hopefully going to make :) So these are the measurements at the moment.
Waist 33ins; Stomach 32ins; Thighs 20ins; Weight 8st 5lb
As I said above I am not worried about my weight but more my measurements.
Onto how I am going to get into shape!! I haven't pictured it but my Mum has a treadmill so whenever I am at my Mums', which tends to be 5 times a week, I am going to do half an hour on there. I have been going on there for a while and been doing the pre-programmed sessions on there. I started out on Programme 1 and am now on Programme 2 so will be doing that until I feel its not really doing anything.
I have also downloaded an App onto my phone called Runtastic Six Pack and it is aimed to get you a Six Pack in 6 weeks.

I am going to be starting this today and you start on Level 1, then each week go up a level. I have the free version but you can upgrade it for a price, I'm not sure how much as it doesn't say. I'm hoping I'm going to see some progress on my stomach area and you never know I might end up with a Six Pack ha ha
Eating wise I am pretty good, I stick to 3 meals a day, sometimes I do forget to have breakfast but I am going to make sure I have breakfast every morning from now on. I just need to make sure I eat more fruit as I don't eat a lot of fruit, instead of eating sugary sweets all the time :)
I hope you enjoyed this post and will tune in every week to see my progress :)
I will also post up healthy meals I am eating and possibly some recipes, if you would like to see that?
See You Soon!!