Paris Trip - Misc

Friday, 25 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

Currently I am in the middle of our trip to Paris. We are off to the Sealife Centre today and a bit of a shop see what we can get.

Today though I am sharing with you all the electrical and other general items I have brought with me. I actually haven't really brought as much with me as I would normally take on a holiday, that's having a carry on limit for you. Anyway here are the items I have brought.

My handbag is new and I haven't actually used it yet I specifically kept it for Paris. It's a nice, big, bag and it zips up so there's no chance of anyone getting in my bag. I also have my camera for pictures, my vlogging camera because when I come back I am re-launching my YouTube channel and my Polaroid camera. I love my Polaroid camera as it means I get to keep the memory forever physically rather than digitally. I have to take a book, I can't go away without one and then there's my perfume, purse and hairbrush which are just your normal items. I do have to get a small umbrella as I can't take my big one.

And that's it all the products I have brought with me from Beauty to Fashion and now my Misc products.

I hope you enjoyed this little weekly 'series' and I can not wait to share with you my trip posts.

See You Soon!!

Paris Trip - Fashion

Friday, 18 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

In a few days I am off to the beautiful city of Paris for the very first time, I am rather excited to say the least. I have always wanted to go but deciding on what to take has been a slight nightmare. 

As we all know Paris is the fashion capital and I want to make sure that what I wear resembles some sort of style, but at the same time I want to be comfortable. We are going to be doing a lot of walking as we are fitting Paris exploration in to 4 days, well as much as we can, and this is what I came up with to take.

I will have another pair of Acid Wash jeans which will be the ones I wear when we go. These High Waisted Jeans are from BooHoo and are so comfortable I think they'll be perfect for a day in Paris. You can see me wearing them in this post. My trusty Acid Wash Jeans are from Primark and were £11, these are always my go to jeans and also very comfortable.

The tops I am taking are quite stereotypical really, I actually didn't mean it to be like that I just really like these tops. My Black and White striped jumper was a Christmas gift last year and was from H&M. The Navy & Striped Tops came in a 2 pack and are from Studio, they are quite thin which I don't mind as I don't want to be to hot to be honest while walking around. I am also taking a Disney top which hasn't arrived yet as we are spending one day at Disneyland.

I am only taking one pair of pyjamas, as to be honest I am not going to need more than that. These are the Sleep Junkie pyjamas from BooHoo and comprise of shorts and a long sleeved cropped top. These seem like they are very comfortable and will be nice and cool for the evenings.

Then for a coat I am wearing this Leather Jacket from Studio. I can unbutton the fur trim so will be taking that off as it irritates me a little bit and when it rains it doesn't look great wet. I am actually wearing this there also, as I don't want to try and fit it in my suitcase.

Finally I am taking these lovely White Canvas Shoes from Studio which are very comfortable and are perfect for walking around in. The Tan Ankle Boots are from Primark and if I remember correctly were £14/16, they might have been less not sure, I am wearing these to the airport. I am also taking this beautiful Leopard Print Scarf from Studio for if it is a little bit chillier.

All of these items then fit into this little carry on suitcase perfectly, though I was worried it all wasn't going to fit.  I think I have done well with what I have chosen to wear as it is smart but also nice and casual.

Let me know in the comments what you think!!

Hope You Enjoyed Todays' Post!!

See You Soon!!

Party At The Angel

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

On Sunday I had the great pleasure of attending my very first blogging event. The event I attended was #PartyAtTheAngel ran by Ffion and Charlotte, you can click their names and check both their blogs out. It was held at The Angel Hotel in Cardiff and was such a beautiful hotel. I wish I had taken photo's of the interior as it was gorgeous, with balloons dotted about and there was even cupcakes.

At first I was rather nervous about attending because it was my first one but I met up with some lovely ladies, Leanne, Rebecca and Michelle, which made me feel so much more comfortable. Also if it wasn't for these ladies I'd have got so lost in Cardiff trying to find the hotel.

Rebecca, Leanne and Hannah
When we got there I got to enjoy a lovely glass of Prosecco and also enjoyed a lovely piece of Welsh Rarebit. Then walked around and had a little nose at some of the brands that were there. I got to see Pad Deco which are an Interior and Lifestyle brand who have a retail boutique in Cardiff. We all got to receive a little goody bag from them with some wallpaper samples, a little notebook and a cute little pear shaped candle.

Forever Living was also there, and I got to meet the lovely girls behind Welsh Girl Problems, they are so lovely, you need them on your Twitter feed. Also Liam from Just_Cuts was doing some gorgeous up do's if you wanted your hair done.

During the event the girls also ran competitions for Best Tweet and also Best Scrapbook entry, this was mine.

At the end of the event we all got to go home with a goody bag filled with items from Scent City, Prairie Charms, Renate Store, Bare Baroque, Bee Good and Beauty Crowd

Overall it was such a great afternoon and I got to meet some lovely people and meet some brands. We also got to have some fun with a photo booth, who doesn't love a photo booth?

I really can not wait for the next one and I hope everyone that went had just as much fun.

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #20

Monday, 14 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

It's been one of those days today where I seemed to have had a million things to do, so sorry this post is later than usual. It was mostly a work week, this week to be honest so haven't done to much. My business cards for the blog came which I am happy about as it makes me feel professional :)

Blogging - I have been loving blogging this week, I got business cards, I have posts planned right up until the end of October and I went to my very first event on the weekend. You can see a post on the #PartyAtTheAngel on Wednesday :)

Fashion - I have also been really enjoying planning outfits and looking at different styles. So you will hopefully see more Outfit posts on here in the future.

Hope You Enjoyed Today's Post!!

See You Soon!!

Paris Trip - Beauty

Friday, 11 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

As you may know, or if you don't know, I am going to be travelling to Paris in less than 2 weeks. To say I am excited is an understatement!! I've always loved the idea of seeing the Eiffel Tower, seeing the Mona Lisa and just eating in some fancy places.

Because of this trip I thought I would share with you what I am taking, Beauty, Fashion and other general things I am taking. As you can see by the title I am going to share with you my Beauty products that I am taking. I must say some of them I have to put into 100ml bottles as we are only travelling with a carry on.

If any of this I'm not able to take let me know in the comments below as I am so confused as to what I can/can't take. So the products I am taking are:

Cotton Pads
Cleansing Scrub
Toner Pads
Correcting Lotion

I'm also trying to work out what make up needs to be in a clear bottle, etc. again any help/tips would be grateful, just leave them in the comments :) I'm just taking minimal make up as I don't want to take to much and again I'm not really sure what I can take.

Eyeshadow Pencil
Supershock Max Mascara

So these are all the products that I am taking obviously liquid wise I have to workout what needs to go into clear bottles. I have linked as many of the products as I can find links for if any of you would like to try them.

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!! 

Vegas Baby!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

I have never been lucky enough to go to Las Vegas yet but I would absolutely love to go in the future. I always think of Vegas as a classy and glamorous place to be, whether you're going for dinner at the Lago or going to the MGM to catch a show. To gather some inspiration I had a look on at the different Las Vegas Hotels and this is what I came up with.

This outfit I think looks glamorous yet casual at the same time. My Sleeveless Duster Coat is from New Look, High Waisted Jeans & Court Shoes are from Boohoo and my Lace Cropped Top is from She Inside. The jeans I must say are so comfortable and think they look amazing. I did have to put my own bandeau top underneath the cropped top as it doesn't come with one sewn in.

I am not one to wear accessories but to someone who does I think a nice statement necklace would look great and maybe a nice watch. I did pair a nice grey clutch bag as you can see in the pictures.

I would definitely wear this to catch a show or even a night in a casino. I may now have to save towards a trip to Vegas just to wear this outfit.

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #19

Monday, 7 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

I had a pretty relaxing week baking, working and couldn't believe we are now in September. Then the weekend came and we had a family party to celebrate a birthday.

Family - As I said above we had a family party and I love it so much when we all get together, it's always such a laugh and a good time. Got to love family time!!

September - I seriously can't believe we are in September, feel like we were only getting ready for Summer last week. I am looking forward to all the plans we have for the next few months and of course now Christmas is around the corner.

Anyone else have any nice Autumn plans?

Hope You Enjoyed Todays' Post!!

See You Soon!!

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

I decided to do some baking as I haven't baked in a while and I am starting to try at least 1 or 2 new recipes a month. 

This week I tried a Chocolate Chip Brownie recipe I found on BBC GoodFood.

So first I weighed out the Butter and Caster Sugar. Then mixed it together until soft.

I then added in the Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Extract. It didn't say how much exactly of the Vanilla Extract so I just put a tbsp in.

I then added in & mixed 3 eggs, sifted in the Plain flour and added the Baking Powder. Again it didn't say how much Baking Powder so just added a tsp.

Once all that was mixed together nicely I added in a 100g bag of milk chocolate chips.

I then put it into a silicone baking tray and then into a larger baking tray as I wasn't sure if it would rise over the edges. I baked it at 165 degrees for about 30mins.

I let them cool then overnight before trying them. They are gorgeous, so soft when you bite into them and there's just the right amount of chocolate chips in each square, I think I haven't ate them all.

I definitely recommend you try this recipe if you like baking. Tag me in photos or leave links to your blog posts in the comments if you do try it.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

See You Soon!!

Hello September!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

As you can see by the title and the image above we are now officially in September, well the 2nd day in. Where has the time gone? I can't believe Summer is over, if you can say we had one, and we are now approaching Autumn/Fall.

To be honest my Summer was mostly spent working and we didn't really do much other than we have been to the cinema a lot and have had meals out here and there. What was your Summer like? I must admit I am looking forward to the fact that I can wrap up in jumpers & blankets now, the leaves changing colour and that it will be a lot cooler. 

Also I have some things coming up over the next few months I am really looking forward to like, my first blogger event #PartyAtTheAngel run by Ffion, Charlotte and Rachel. Our little break away, a day out at Chessington and the Harry Potter Studios, there is so much more that will be coming up on the blog I feel excited at how things are going in life and in blogging. Do you have anything exciting happening?

As I write this it is chucking it down with rain so I am going to go make myself a cup of tea I think and watch some rubbish tv!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

See You Soon!!

InstaLately #18

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

I'm a day late on this post because I literally forgot it was Monday yesterday!! I was sat there thinking I'm sure I'm supposed to have done something today and then realised it was Monday a bit to late. Last week was really good to be honest, apart from feeling a bit unwell, but we went out for breakfast, had dinner down my Mums and as usual went to the cinema :)

Netflix - I have refound my love for Netflix and been watching some films on there and also watched the documentary Blackfish, which I thought was quite eye-opening.

#CBB - Celebrity Big Brother has rocked up again and I don't know if any of you lovely readers watch it, but what are you thinking of it? All I can say is drama, drama and more drama.

Work - As much as I am loving work I really can not wait for my week off especially as we got a few things planned for that week, which are rather exciting.

Hope you enjoyed today's post!!

See You Soon!!