InstaLately #18

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

I'm a day late on this post because I literally forgot it was Monday yesterday!! I was sat there thinking I'm sure I'm supposed to have done something today and then realised it was Monday a bit to late. Last week was really good to be honest, apart from feeling a bit unwell, but we went out for breakfast, had dinner down my Mums and as usual went to the cinema :)

Netflix - I have refound my love for Netflix and been watching some films on there and also watched the documentary Blackfish, which I thought was quite eye-opening.

#CBB - Celebrity Big Brother has rocked up again and I don't know if any of you lovely readers watch it, but what are you thinking of it? All I can say is drama, drama and more drama.

Work - As much as I am loving work I really can not wait for my week off especially as we got a few things planned for that week, which are rather exciting.

Hope you enjoyed today's post!!

See You Soon!!