Chocolate Chip Brownies

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

I decided to do some baking as I haven't baked in a while and I am starting to try at least 1 or 2 new recipes a month. 

This week I tried a Chocolate Chip Brownie recipe I found on BBC GoodFood.

So first I weighed out the Butter and Caster Sugar. Then mixed it together until soft.

I then added in the Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Extract. It didn't say how much exactly of the Vanilla Extract so I just put a tbsp in.

I then added in & mixed 3 eggs, sifted in the Plain flour and added the Baking Powder. Again it didn't say how much Baking Powder so just added a tsp.

Once all that was mixed together nicely I added in a 100g bag of milk chocolate chips.

I then put it into a silicone baking tray and then into a larger baking tray as I wasn't sure if it would rise over the edges. I baked it at 165 degrees for about 30mins.

I let them cool then overnight before trying them. They are gorgeous, so soft when you bite into them and there's just the right amount of chocolate chips in each square, I think I haven't ate them all.

I definitely recommend you try this recipe if you like baking. Tag me in photos or leave links to your blog posts in the comments if you do try it.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

See You Soon!!