Paris Trip - Misc

Friday, 25 September 2015

Hey Guys!!

Currently I am in the middle of our trip to Paris. We are off to the Sealife Centre today and a bit of a shop see what we can get.

Today though I am sharing with you all the electrical and other general items I have brought with me. I actually haven't really brought as much with me as I would normally take on a holiday, that's having a carry on limit for you. Anyway here are the items I have brought.

My handbag is new and I haven't actually used it yet I specifically kept it for Paris. It's a nice, big, bag and it zips up so there's no chance of anyone getting in my bag. I also have my camera for pictures, my vlogging camera because when I come back I am re-launching my YouTube channel and my Polaroid camera. I love my Polaroid camera as it means I get to keep the memory forever physically rather than digitally. I have to take a book, I can't go away without one and then there's my perfume, purse and hairbrush which are just your normal items. I do have to get a small umbrella as I can't take my big one.

And that's it all the products I have brought with me from Beauty to Fashion and now my Misc products.

I hope you enjoyed this little weekly 'series' and I can not wait to share with you my trip posts.

See You Soon!!