Skincare Routine Updated

Friday, 28 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

Another skincare routine post from me!! I think I am constantly updating my routine but now I think I have finally found one that I can stick to for a long time. 

My morning routine is different to my night routine as I needed one for the morning that wasn't to long as I get up early for work. 

These are the only 2 products I use in the morning and is always the first thing I do before anything. I use a round cotton pad to apply the Micellar Water all over my face and neck, you can see my review on this HERE. Then I apply the moisturiser all over my face once the water has been absorbed by my skin. You can get both these items HERE and HERE.

In the night then I use 3 different products, which unfortunately I don't have any links to. The good thing about these is that they have the numbers on them so you know which order to use them in. First I use the Exfoliating Scrub all over my face and wash it off with lukewarm water. This has little blue 'beads' in them so you can feel your skin being exfoliated. Once I've patted dry my face I then go all over my face and neck with a Toner Pad and it always surprises me how much dirt there is even though I wash regularly. Then to finish off I use 2 pumps of the Serum all over my face to moisturise and to stop any break outs.

Also twice a week, on a Sunday and Wednesday, I put on this Mask of Magnaminty before I do any of my cleansing. This is the best mask I have used to date as I've used masks before and they have burnt my skin. It smells gorgeous and also you can feel it working on your skin, I can't really explain the feeling to be honest. I love it though, as my skin always looks and feels a lot healthier after using it.

That is my Skincare Routine, hopefully it won't change now as I have finally got my skin looking healthy. It also helps I drink a lot more water than I used to.

What is your favourite skincare product?

See You Soon!!