InstaLately #14

Monday, 3 August 2015

Hey Guys!!

This week has been a really good week, I've had some fun with family, had another date night, did some baking and lots of other things to. I finally got to see Cinderella to with my sister and it was so good. I am going to start adding at the end of these posts a sort of weekly question to get people discussing and conversing.

Fitness - Thursday I went to the Seawall with some of the family and me & my sister decided to climb the rocks. This sparked the thought that we really need to get fit as we were aching in places we never knew could ache. Definitely going to start the Gym.

Social - I have been feeling a bit lost slightly when it comes to having a 'social life'. I do things with family and Llewellyn, but don't really have friends that I go and do things with. I'm not a very confident person and am very weary of making new friends, anyone else feel like that?

Reading - I have done a lot of reading the past few days and I'm loving it so much. You can follow me on Goodreads if you'd like to see what I am reading or want to read. I am over halfway through my reading challenge for this year, you can read that post here.

What's your favourite book?

Hope you enjoyed todays post!!

See You Soon!!