Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Today me and Llewellyn are celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary and I can not believe how quick it has come around.

I'm not going to lie we have had our ups and downs, what marriage hasn't!! But I am happy that we have been having so many more ups than downs lately and I can't wait for all the lovely memories we are going to continue to make.

He is my best friend as well as my Husband and I love every minute I spend with him. He makes me laugh every day, he gives the best hugs and I love how he accepts me for me, no questions asked. He's there for me when I have my bad days and he's there on my best days. I love how supportive of me he is especially with blogging as he now asks if I need pictures taken of food before we have eaten haha!!

Anyway I could literally go on forever about what I love about him but I will leave it there and go and celebrate with Afternoon Tea with him.

See You Soon!!