Bristol Zoo Gardens

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hey Guys!!

I love Zoo's, I don't know why, I can just remember from a small age I have always loved them. I am pretty sure Bristol Zoo Gardens was the first one I ever went to and so started my love.

Me and Llewellyn actually had our first proper date there, we had met a few times before that but Bristol Zoo was our first one. So 7 and a half years later for our Anniversary we decided to go back to where we 'started' and had such a fab day.

I love seeing all the different animals and I just love spending time with Llewellyn so combine the two and it really was just awesome. I'm not going to ramble on to much as it was a case of driving roughly 30 mins to get there and then walking round looking at the animals, having some lunch and coming home. So I shall leave you with some pics!!

All the photos' are courtesy of Llewellyn.

What do you think of Zoos?

See You Soon!!