Royal Yacht Britannia

Friday, 25 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
As you can see from the above picture, while in Scotland we went to the Royal Yacht Britannia. This Yacht belongs to the Queen and is stationed here and is used for people to tour.
It didn't take long to get there from our hotel, it was about half an hour, give or take with traffic of course. You actually have to go through a shopping centre to then go through to the Yacht, which you start from the top of and work your way down to the engine room.
Here is a picture before we got on the Yacht.
Me and Llewellyn love things like this as we love learning about the history behind things and I like to imagine what sort of things they got up to on the Yacht.
The whole tour is on audio and each section that you get to you have to type in the number for that section and it will tell you the history and what happened in that section. The audio 'tools' I said looked like retro mobile phones :)

A lot of the rooms were so big, I didn't even think the Yacht looked big enough to hold these rooms. Especially as I think it was the 3rd or 4th level that had a drawing room and it was so big and it was all softly furnished and carpeted all the way through.
Here are a few of my favourite rooms :)
Prince Phillips Room
The Queens Room
State Dining Room
The Drawing Room
Here is a link to the Royal Yacht Britannia Website and you can have a look around and maybe take a visit :)
Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!