Easter Nest Cake and Cupcakes

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hey Guys!!!
Today I thought been as though Easter is on its way I would do a cake that was based around Easter. I was thinking of doing a 'nest' but wasn't sure how to do it until I seen a picture somewhere (can't remember where) of someone who had done it with cornflakes and chocolate. So here is how you do it :)
All you need is:
Milk Chocolate
Mini Eggs

To start I broke up both chocolate bars and put it into a blue bowl, I did this as I was waiting for the water to heat up in the saucepan. Once the water had heated up enough I tipped the solid bits of chocolate into a metal bowl to melt in :)

It didn't take to long for the chocolate to melt, but while it did melt I tipped some cornflakes into the blue bowl ready to mix with the chocolate. I didn't weigh out the cornflakes, I just tipped in enough that there wasn't any chocolate left over.

To make the nest is pretty simple you just build up layer up on layer of cornflakes until you have a mound, then just shape it into a nest shape :)
Once you have done that you can then add the mini eggs and chick. I made a bit of a dip in the top so the eggs will sit nicely in :)

What was good about this was I had enough left over to make 4 cupcakes :)
I hope you enjoyed this post :)
Are you going to be making anything Easter themed?
If you want to try out this and take pictures you can either tag me in them on Instagram at @vikki_hale or use #EasterCakes
See You Soon!!