April Mini Goals

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hey Guys!!
Oh My Gosh!!! Its April already, where is the time going!?!
Once again it is that time of the month where I set myself some goals to carry out through the month. First though lets take a look at my March goals :)
Exercise 3 times a week - I have been getting back into my fitness slowly and want to keep this up as I have been feeling so much better after I exercise, plus it is making me feel more confident in my own skin :)
Take time out to read a book (Done) - I have actually set myself the goal of reading 20 books this year, you can see that post here, and have been doing really well, I am now on my 3rd book. I just need to set aside maybe an hour or two just to sit and relax and just enjoy a good book :)
Write down anything good/positive that happens - I want to write down something positive that has happened during the day or whenever it happens and put it in a jar :) I'm then going to look back at these things either at the end of every month or at the end of the year :)
Keep a diary (Done) - I have been writing daily in a diary anyway but instead of just writing what I done that day I want to start including how I'm feeling that particular day and hopefully I will notice that the positive outweighs the negative :)
Take more photos (Done) - With this goal I find I have so many cameras, on my phone, ipod, digital camera and I rarely take photos :( so I think taking more photos will be such a great thing to do as those memories/moments are then forever captured and you can look at them whenever you want :)

3/5 goals completed is not bad. I can definitely say I slacked a lot on the exercising front, I just couldn't seem to motivate myself at all and with the writing anything good/positive down, I was having a really bad month so I didn't really have anything good/positive to write down :(

Onto my April Goals :)

Write Down Anything Good/Positive That Happens - I'm going to carry this goal over as I still think is a great thing to do and I can look back at all the good things that happened over the year :)
Post At Least 3 Times A Week - Now I have finished work I will now have more time to blog so I am going to try and post at least 3 times a week for you guys :)
Organise My Social Media - This is going to be more of a tidy up and I am also thinking of setting up a Twitter account that is just for this blog which I think would be so much better and easier for me to keep a track on blog readers, etc.
Read 2 Books This Month - I have been doing really well with my reading goal and am now on my 4th book, but excluding the book I a currently reading I want to finish at least 2 books :)
Bake At Least Twice A Week - So as I said above I have finished my job and will now have more time to bake and so you can look forward to a lot more baking posts in the future :)
So these are my 5 goals for April, fingers crossed I will do better at keeping them this month :)
Do you have any goals you'd like to complete this month, let me know in the comments :)
See You Soon!!