Planet Spa Turkish Thermal Baths Clay Facemask Review

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

I apologise for the long title the product has a very long name :) Anyway a couple of posts back I was going to do a review on the facemask I had bought and never got round to it, so yesterday (15/10) I thought I would have a nice, relaxing bath and use my facemask as I've been having a few stressful weeks as of lately :( I will also apologise in advance of the pictures of me as when I put it on I couldn't move my face so couldn't smile :( So anyway on to the review :)

So as you can see in the title it is part of the Turkish Thermal Baths range of Planet Spa which you get from Avon Cosmetics I think this was about £2/£3 and it comes in a 75ml squeezy tube :) It is a clay facemask so goes on 'wet' and dries hard so you have to wipe it off with a flannel or maybe an exfoliating glove to give yourself an extra treatment :)

All you have to do is apply a thin layer all over your face, obviously avoiding your mouth and eye areas, then leave it on for 5 minutes or wait until it all turns pink, as it goes on brown, then rinse off thoroughly and pat dry :) Putting on was easy I just squeezed a little bit onto my fingers and put it on in circular motions to get an even coverage. As I was putting on I couldn't quite put my finger on what it smelt like then after a minute or two it hit me, it smelt like chocolate and we all love chocolate :) So while waiting for it to dry pink which actually took longer than 5 minutes, or felt like longer, I carried on with my bath :) what was nice about this is that it didn't irritate my skin at all as I have quite sensitive skin so got to be careful as to what I use. Once it turned pink I then washed it all off which was easy enough to do because some I've used I've had to scrub really hard to get it off but this came off easily and patted it dry :) In the picture is the process of it going from brown to pink :)

I was very surprised at how soft my skin was after I used it, it also looked really hydrated and just plain healthy, which it hasn't looked this healthy in a while. I would maybe advise to possibly use a moisturiser after the face mask because even though my skin was so soft and hydrated it was as if there was no actual moisture, but this morning my skin still looks really good and still feels really soft :) In the picture I don't know whether you will be able to really tell, I should've taken a before picture but didn't think of that until I had put the mask on haha, but my skin does look really good. Also my flash went off so my face also looks really bright :)

So to conclude I will definitely be using this facemask again, especially if I'm going to be going out or just need to refresh my skin. I also would definitely recommend this to everyone but obviously only if it doesn't irritate your skin :)

Hope You're All Having A Good Week So Far!!! See You Soon!!!