Halloween Cupcakes :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So for one of my weekly videos I do on YouTube, we decided to do Halloween Cupcakes & Halloween Cookies (The cookies are on my sisters blog) so I thought I would do a blog entry on it, to show you step by step how we done it. You can also check out the video HERE :) I do apologise that it is a long video but I hope you enjoy it :) Also check out the recipe that I used HERE :)
All Ingredients Were Purchased From Tesco

These Were The Decorations I Used
So I had gone shopping to Tesco in the week to get all the ingredients, what is not pictured is the milk as it is in the fridge, which we used semi-skimmed milk, as it doesn't specify which milk to use in the recipe.

So also I got these sweets to use to decorate them with and also got little rice paper decorations to put on them :)

So the first thing I did was put the Caster Sugar, Self-Raising Flour and Milk in the bowl and mixed it together and then measured out the butter added it to the mix and mixed that all together :)

Milk, Self-Raising Flour & Caster Sugar

So then I added 2 Free Range Eggs and mixed all that together to make the cake mix and then added Vanilla Extract :)

We then spooned the mix into the cupcake cases, we put to spoons into each and with the mix we managed to make 15 cupcakes :)

 So we baked the cupcakes in a Halogen Oven and they only took about 15 minutes maybe a little longer :)

So then while the cupcakes were cooling we made the buttercream icing, which the ingredients were Icing Sugar, Butter & Milk, then of course you put whatever colour food colouring in you want :)

So then once we'd made the icing we proceeded to decorate them with the sweets and rice paper :) We done 6 cupcakes with the rice paper, then done 3 each of a cat, spider and monster :)
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as its a bit different from what I have previously posted and also if you have made any or are going to make any Halloween cupcakes show me your pictures :)
Hope You're All Having A Good Weekend!!! See You Soon xx