Home Project :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So as you can tell from the title I have given myself a Home Project to complete next year :)

The room I am going to be doing is our bedroom, because as much as I love the red but it is starting to look dated and very dark and dingy now the winter is kicking in, so my idea is to decorate it and brighten it and try open up the space as it is only a small room.

My idea is that I'm going to have a feature wall which is going to be a blue, floral wallpaper which looks quite vintage :) This particular wallpaper you can get from HERE

Then I am going to paint the other three walls a Duck Egg Blue to match the wallpaper :) but first I will be wallpapering the walls with a white textured wallpaper so that it has a bit of a pattern to it, as I don't want it to be just plain. You can get the paint from HERE & the wallpaper from HERE

So then once all the walls are done and of course once I have glossed all the skirting boards & doors and also once I have painted the ceiling, I want to replace the pine furniture that we already have with white pine furniture. I'm either going to replace each piece individually or I will look at getting a bedroom set a bit like this one HERE and then last of all with the furniture I will replace our bed with either a white wooden bed or metal bed.

Then of course once all that is completed I will then get accessories like new bedding, bed throws, pillows, new curtains, etc. I'm going to look at getting little LED lights in white to go around the headboard of whatever bed we get which I think will set it off just right :)

So this is exactly why I have given myself a year to do it as I obviously need that magical thing called money to do it ha ha and also even though it is only a small room it is a big job to do, I will more than likely have help from my Mum and obviously Llewellyn will give me a hand with the places I can't reach as that's the disadvantage of being short.

I will take some pictures tomorrow of our bedroom now so you can see what its like now, I will apologise now as it isn't the best of decorating I must admit.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and if anyone has suggestions on where I can get different accessories, etc.

Hope You're All Having A Good Monday!!! See You Soon!!!


Hey Guys!!!

So I said I would put pictures up of my room at the moment and here they are :)

So obviously the top picture is the wallpaper at the moment and that will be the wall that I put the floral wallpaper on, so will be the feature wall. Then the next 3 pictures are the walls that will be papering with white wallpaper and painting Duck Egg Blue.

Hope You're All Having A Good Week So Far!!! See You Soon!!!