Baking A Star Cake :)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

How are you all? So as you can see I decided to bake a cake this week with one of my silicone moulds, which was the shape of a star :) I used the recipe from the Halloween cupcakes which you can go to HERE so here is how I did it :)

This is the bottom layer of the cake, then made another for the top layer.
This is just a normal strawberry jam with no bits that I used for the middle.
So this a view from the front & above

So after I done the sponges and put the jam in the middle, I waited for it to cool a bit more so that I could then put the icing on :)

For the icing I used ready to roll icing in Ivory but bought yellow food gel to turn the icing yellow. It didn't go bright yellow but went a nice lemon colour which looks lovely.

You can't really see in the middle picture as it is very bad lighting but the icing is ivory. So I put flour on the counter before rolling the icing out as it tends to stick to the counter, which can be annoying. I then rolled it out into a rectangle bigger than the cake and placed it over the sponge. I then used a pallet knife to smooth it out on the top and to get the icing to fit nicely on the points :) Then with the left over icing I used my number cutters to cut random numbers out but coloured that icing red but it went more of a tie dye pink :)

Then today I made little star cupcakes to put in between the points of the star and decorated them with chocolate icing which was in a spray can, like a whipped cream can. I used the same recipe as above and made some extra cupcakes to :)

So that completes my baking adventure :) Let me know what you think of this cake in the comments :) I will be making another cake in the next couple days which I think I'm going to do a bear this time :)

Hope You're All Having A Good Week!!! See You All Soon!!!