Monday, 4 November 2013

Hey Guys!!

I want to apologise that I haven't done a post in a while, I've been so busy with days out and work, I haven't really done anything worth interesting for you haha

But as you can see from the title I did do something for Halloween :D My friends sister had a house party for Halloween and naturally we dressed up in some scary costumes, well I would like to think it was scary haha

My costume I managed to find on ebay after hours of looking through costume sites, amazon and ebay, I came across a Zombie Sailor costume. Been as though me and my 2 friends discuss everything when it comes to going out I showed them first and they loved it so that is what I got :)

Excuse the face haha
 So as you can see in the picture it was just a normal, thin nylon blue dress with silk for the collar and tie section and then a little nylon hat. Also as you can see it has 'blood' spatters all over it :) I do have white stockings on that has 'blood' spatters on as well and then I just wore my canvas shoes :) I can tell you that as comfortable and as light to wear as it is I was absolutely freezing so did have a thick jacket with me to put on as well :)

I didn't take a close up picture of my hair and make up, very silly of me :(, but I just used a black metallic eye shadow, black eyeliner & mascara and a black liquid liner to darken it a bit more. Also I used the same black eye shadow as out of all the make up I have I had no dark blusher :( so used that to contour my face to make it look drawn in :)

For my hair I just washed & dried it, then sectioned it and with each section back combed it to give it a bit of a messy look and a bit of volume, then sprayed hair spray on it to keep it in place-ish.

I know its only a quick post but I will take a picture of the products I used for my make up and will update you with that :)

Did any of you dress up for Halloween? or Did any of you go to some really cool party?

Hope You Are All Having A Good Week!! See You Soon xxx