Primark Haul: London Outfit

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hey Guys!!!
Today was a shopping day which means you get a fashion post!!! Yay!!!
In just under 2 weeks time I am off to London with Llewellyn for the night for my birthday and really wanted to get a nice new outfit to wear while I'm there :) This is then where Primark comes in, I went shopping with my sisters as they are the best to go shopping with as they will give honest opinions on things and we are all pretty fashion conscious.

So I knew I wanted a nice jumper to wear and something different to what I normally go for. I looked at quite a few different jumpers but came across this lovely, soft, wool, black & white striped one. It felt so soft and will definitely be nice and warm for the winter and I think it would be nice going into spring to :) We had a look at it and thought this was perfect and what was different about it was that it has a gold zip on the back which makes it that little different to what I normally get, though I may have to hide it from Chloe as she loved it as well haha This particular jumper was £8

After picking the perfect jumper I then needed the perfect pair of jeans to go with it :) So we went and had a look at the jeans they had, we seen that they had pale blue ones and grey ones and decided either would look nice with it. I decided to go for the pale blue ones as I do have a lot of dark blue and black jeans. What's nice about these are the fabric is so soft to the touch and they are super skinny but stretch with you rather than stop you being able to move. I tried them on and they are fantastic, I seriously can't wait to wear them!! These were £11 which I think is a bargain for jeans at the moment :)
We then went upstairs as I wanted to have a look at hats as I am completely obsessed with hats when it comes to winter, plus I wanted one that would match my scarf I already have :) Looking around at them there were a few I liked but this one stood out as it was 'speckly' and different from the plain coloured ones. I especially love that it has 2 pom-poms on it as well :) This one was about £4/5 :)
Then we went to have a look at the shoes as I wanted a nice smart pair of shoes that will go with everything, not just this outfit. I came across these brogues which I thought looked lovely, they are comfortable as I did try them on and also they will be waterproof, or at least seem waterproof. What's nice as well is that I wanted to get a pair of these a long time ago but never got round to it and now had the perfect excuse to buy some :) This particular pair was £10 :)

So that is my outfit for London :D I've tried it all on together and it looks great, also everyone really liked it and said it all went well together :)
Let me know in the comments what you guys think of this outfit :)
Hope You're Having A Good Week!!
See You Soon!!