Making Chicken Stew

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So as you seen I made a beef stew the other week, well this week I decided to make a chicken stew. I used the exact same recipe but swapped the beef for chicken, which you can go to HERE.

To do it I fried the chicken off first, like I did with the beef and then chopped the carrots, swede, potatoes and parsnip up and put it all together in the slow cooker. I then added roughly 500ml of water along with 2 chicken OXO cubes and let it cook for 4 hours :D

After it cooked I must say it was absolutely delicious, it also smelt gorgeous to. Of course we had our 2 slices of bread along with haha but next time I do a stew I'm going to make home made bread :D

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I know I didn't go into much detail but I didn't want to feel I was repeating myself from the last post :D

Hope You've All Had A Good Weekend!!!! See You Soon xxx