My Skincare Routine

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hey Guys!!
Today is Beauty post day so I thought I would let you in on how I look after my skin and show you what products I use :)
Morning Routine
For my morning routine I use these Solution products which I get from Avon, I have had these a while so these certain products are not sold anymore :( but there is a new packaging with the cleansing product. So first off I use my exfoliating glove (not pictured) as it gets deep into my pores then and makes my skin a lot softer than if I just used my hand. I put the cleanser on in small circular motions until it looks soapy, then wash it off with warm water. Once I've cleansed I then use the A.M. moisturiser after I've patted my face dry. That's literally my morning routine, so simple and it leaves my skin so soft and looks so clean and hydrated :)
Night Routine
My night routine is a little more complicated, if that's the word to use, than my morning routine. All the products are from the same range so I'm not mixing any products together. So I use my cleanser the same way as my morning routine but afterwards I use a toner. I put the toner on with cotton wool balls and this just basically removes any excess dirt from my face and neck that the cleanser didn't :) I then use my hydrating gel, which is in the tall box to the left, all over my face and I only need to use such a small amount as it stretches well. After using this my face definitely looks a lot more hydrated and feels a lot softer to :) I then moisturise my eyes, which is the smallest box, same with my hydrating gel I only have to use a tiny amount and it does make my eyes look a lot more 'awake' and fresh, also I don't look so tired :) I then finish off with the P.M. moisturiser and my skin just feels amazing afterwards :)
Overall I would definitely recommend this range, I know that some of the products have been discontinued, which makes me sad as I love these products :( but I know the cleanser, toner and moisturiser is still available. I would also recommend it because it makes my skin look amazing especially after a week of use as you can't see much difference in the first few days, though you can feel a difference.The only thing with these products is that they are only available from Avon.
What are your skincare routines?
Also does your night routine differ from your morning routine?
Are there any products you would definitely recommend?
Hope You Guys Are Having A Good Week!!
See You Soon!!