How I Curl My Hair

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hey Guys!!
Hair post day!! I thought for today I would let you guys in on how I curl my hair :)
I do wash my hair before curling it normally, this may say sound a little gross, but it does curl a lot better when my hair is a little greasy.
The first thing I do is spray all my hair with a heat protection spray, the one I use is from Avon :)

To then curl my hair I use my Babyliss straighteners, I use it on the highest heat setting as I do need a lot of heat to curl my hair. I normally section it and curl it but I was short on time so just had to curl it without sectioning it :) To curl it I put the straighteners at the top of my section of hair and curl it that way, I'm not really sure what words to use to describe it :/

Then once it is all curled I spray it with extra firm hold hairspray :) and scrunch a little bit :)
This is the finished look for today :) Hope you like it!!
How Do You Guys Curl Your Hair?
What Products Do You Use?
Hope You're Having A Good Week!!
See You Soon!!