Bath Market Haul

Monday, 2 December 2013

Hey Guys!!
On Saturday me and some of the family went to Bath for their yearly Christmas Market & of course we ended up buying some stuff :) We walked around the whole place and picked stuff up off some stalls and also some stuff out of their high street stores. Its a lovely market and got such a Christmassy feel to the whole place :) all the stalls are in the style of little wooden huts and are so cute to look at :) On to what we bought :)
So first off as we were walking around we seen a stall that were selling books, me being a bookworm this was perfect, and the author was actually there signing his books and just explaining what his book is about. I am really looking forward to reading it as its about Bath and its about WW2 :)

We then carried on walking for a bit, had a little something to eat and could smell chocolate brownies, so thought we would take a look. It was a little stall that was selling different flavoured brownies, one with armaretto, one with marshmallows, then your normal chocolate brownies :) I wasn't sure whether I would like the other flavours so thought it best to go with original :)
We then carried on walking around and I got rather excited as I seen a 'lush' store and couldn't help myself and had to go in. As soon as you go in it smells absolutely gorgeous and I was so confused as to what I wanted to get because I've seen so many really nice things. I wanted to get something as I've seen so many blog posts and videos on YouTube raving about 'lush' products and wanted to try something. I love the fact that they're very reasonably priced as well so I bought a few :) I got Shoot For The Stars, Golden Wonder, Candy Mountain and Snowman, these all smell delicious, especially Candy Mountain. The only problem is they look so nice and I don't want to use them :( ha ha

After I dragged myself away from 'lush' we walked back to where we started as there was a little stall there that was selling Christmas tree ornaments. You could choose which ornament you would like and then have your names written on them. We chose one with two reindeers on, especially as there is only us two, had our names written on them and Merry Christmas 2013. It looks lovely on our tree :)
After that we popped into one more shop before going home :) We both love chocolate so we decided to pop into Hotel Chocolate to pick up some nice chocolatey products :) We were a bit spoilt for choice as there was just so much chocolate :D We had a look around and decided on a big slab of chocolate, some really cute white chocolate penguins, champagne truffles and a small choc brownie slab :) I really can't wait to eat these. makes my mouth water just writing about it :)

Then it was back on to the coach for the journey home :( I definitely want to go to Bath shopping again as there is so many shops around that I would've loved to have gone in but didn't. So I guess there will be another trip there next year :)
Hope You're Having A Good Week!!
See You Soon!!