London Shopping Haul

Monday, 23 December 2013

Hey Guys!!
So as you can see from Fridays post, if you've read it, I went to London last weekend for my Birthday and did a little shopping while there, as well as seeing Wicked.
So I thought I would share with you what I bought :)
The first place we went to was M&M World and it is fantastic in there, if any of you guys haven't been in there I advise you to its amazing. As soon as I walked in there you could just smell the chocolate and I love chocolate so I did say to Llewellyn if we could find out whether you could live in there :) unfortunately he said no :( So we had a look around and decided we wanted to get some mugs and also a magnet, we get magnets from everywhere we go, and obviously you can't go in there and not buy some M&Ms'. I had a green mug and Llewellyn had a yellow mug, as the green was the 'female' M&M and the yellow was the 'male' M&M.

After we went to M&M World we then jumped onto a train and went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park :) I never seen such a big Winter Wonderland, the one we have in Cardiff isn't even half as a big I don't think :( It was amazing though all the little stalls/huts, all the rides were really cool to even though I don't go on rides but the one place we did go to was the Magic Ice Kingdom which as you can tell by the name was full of ice. They were ice sculptures not just piles of ice, don't worry. While in there you go to a certain point you can have you photo done on an Ice Carriage and of course that's what we did :) She took two and they were both so nice that we got the two as I didn't want to leave them there :)

Onto the Saturday then, which was our busiest day, the first place we went to was Madam Tussauds and it was so good. Their waxworks were amazing and are so life like, which sometimes they do freak me out a little :/ All we bought from there was the photos we had done at different photo points as we didn't really want anything from the gift shop, as I thought photos were a more lasting item :)
After that we then jumped onto another tube and went to the Apollo Victoria Theatre, which before I got there I had no idea what theatre I was going to as well as what show I was seeing. Once we got there then I found out we were seeing Wicked *cue really loud excited scream* I was so excited as I've wanted to see this for ages and it was part of my Birthday present :) While in there we bought a program which is full of photos from the show and I must say it is an absolutely fantastic show, I didn't want it to end :(
After the show we then jumped on yet another tube to go and have a wander around Harrods. The only thing I find with Harrods is some of the bits you walk around are so expensive it makes me sad as they have some really lovely stuff, especially when I seen the puppies they had there :) We then came across the Christmas part where it was full of decorations and everything Christmas :) We decided to show where we had been, we got a green Harrods 2013 bauble to put on our tree, we got green as that is the theme we went for this year, well its more multi-coloured :)
Then it was home time :(
I had a fantastic weekend there and will definitely go again as its so festive and I just love all the Christmas lights everywhere :)
Hope You're All Having A Good Week!!
See You Soon!!