Highlights Of 2013

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hey Guys!!
I must say 2013 has been a very good year for me, I started YouTube which I am loving every minute of it, I also started this blog and am loving every minute of this to. Also a lot of other things happened this year like a big thing was getting married :D
So I thought I would share with you my highlights of the year :)


This month was a bit of a chilled month to be honest and we were basically taking this month to recover from Christmas and New Year :)


This month we spent quite a bit of time with family, as my sister came down with her children because we don't see much of them as they live up in the valleys :) Also me and Llewellyn took our cousin out for the day and spent time painting plates and eating McDonalds (ssshhh I was meant to be eating healthily)


Other than celebrating Nans Birthday, we spent this month with more family as my other sister came down with her two children, who also live in the valleys :)


This was the month I decided I wanted to start vlogging on YouTube and I started this because I was introduced to The Shaytards by my sister and just thought why not. I loved their family dynamic and the fact that I watched them and they reminded me of my family and the way we are with each other, so I started vlogging everyday and haven't looked back :)


This May we celebrated Chloes' 16th Birthday, not so much my baby sister anymore, it was weird though because the time just goes so fast as I can remember when she was a little dot, now she towers over me lol


We had another Birthday this month which was Laurens' 20th so we had food and drinks for that and was more family time. Also this month seen me, some close family and friends celebrating my Hen Night :) We had gone to see Hairspray, which was fantastic and had some food on Cardiff Bay :) It was weird celebrating my Hen Night though as usually I get invited to other peoples :)


So that meant that this month was the big day, mine and Llewellyns' Wedding day :D I must say that this was the most amazing day ever and couldn't have asked for better weather either, every bride must say this haha I also couldn't have asked for a better man to have come into my life, he is the most caring, generous and just overall amazing man and can't wait for many more years with him :D


August seen us have our family holiday and also it was my first time seeing horse racing and Scouting For Girls, both were fantastic didn't win anything though That was it for that month to be honest :)


This was when I decided to recreate my blog and just give it a new lease of life :) I am loving it so much more now than when I first decided to do a blog, I was going to use it as an everyday diary and didn't stick to it, hopefully this blog will have a nice future and lots more plans with it to :)


To be honest this month was a bit of a rollercoaster :( work wasn't going great, my health was starting to play up and was having a few personal issues, so to put it bluntly it was a shit rubbish month :(


November picked up and was a bit of a better month, I went Christmas shopping with Mum and we went to Bath Christmas Market which was so festive and really got me ready for December :)


This month must have been the most busiest of the year :) At the beginning we went away for the night in London & seen Wicked :) Then it was my Birthday which I cried my little eyes out because I got tickets to see McBusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then it was more Christmas shopping and Christmas itself :D In between all this there was eating, drinking & lots of chocolate :)

From all that you can see it has been a very rollercoaster year and there has been a lot of ups and there has been just as many downs to go with it :) Hopefully next year is going to hold a lot more ups and hopefully some amazing opportunities :)

I apologise for the lack of pictures as for some reason they wouldn't upload :(

I Hope You Have All Had A Fantastic 2013
You Have An Even Better 2014

See You In The New Year!!!