Goals For 2014

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hey Guys!!!
So it is now 2014 and that means people will be thinking of things they want to do and also what goals they want to achieve :)
I will admit my New Year goal for 2013 was to get fit and eat healthily, but that lasted for about 3 weeks :( I am going to do that this year but its not my 2014 goal as I find that it puts more pressure on me achieving it :(
So my goals are as follows:
1. Make sure I Vlog everyday, even if I'm not doing a lot
2. Make sure I blog regularly and plan in advance
3. Get on top of my health as that is very important to me
And that is it 3 easy goals that are not to difficult to achieve and can be reached by the end of the year :)
I will check in regularly on here to let you know how I get on as it will also help me keep on top of my goals :)
Do you have any goals you would like to achieve for 2014?
Let Me Know :)
Hope You All Have A Great Start To The New Year :)
See You Soon!!!