My January Wishlist

Friday, 31 January 2014

Hey Guys!!
Every month I have decided I'm going to do a wishlist of things I may have seen online, while I'm out shopping or wherever I see something that takes my fancy :)
This month I have actually been to 1 or 2 parties and spent a lot of time looking for clothes/dresses and what I love at the moment other than Aztec print, is the tartan prints, whether it be dress or skirt :) This was when I came across this little beauty on, I love skater dresses and skirts, so know this would fit right in with my 'collection' of dresses :) You can go over and see this little beauty here, this is a little more expensive at £24.99 than I normally would spend so I may in the future find one similar somewhere slightly cheaper.

Also this month I've really been needing to organise myself a bit more than I am, especially with editing vlogs, weekly videos and doing blogs. I actually been looking at getting some sort of weekly planner so that I can write it down and have it on my wall by desk so that its right in front of me and I know where I am in the week and the month :) So I was investigating the web, as you do, and came across and found the cutest planner, I thought anyway :P for just £10 and you can go over and see here I am very tempted to order it so I may do, once all the bills are paid of course :)
Also this month I started Christmas shopping, yes I know I am way ahead of myself, but at the end of the year once I've got all the presents, my sisters, mum and dad will have nice goodie bags for Christmas. Anyway, I was also thinking while I'm looking because I can't help looking for myself, need self control!! its been very cold lately in the mornings going to work and it would be nice if I could take a hot drink with me, but sadly, I don't have anything but a mug, and I can't really carry a mug around with me. I happened to be looking on Cath Kidstons website and I love the stuff on there anyway, its just so cute, and came across this really cute Travel Mug for £8, which you can see here I love the flower print on it as this is the sort of thing I would like in my bedroom :)
That comes to the end of my wishlist :) I hope you enjoyed this sort of post as I truly enjoyed writing it as I can go back to this if anyone ever wants to know what to get for Birthdays, etc.
See You Soon!!